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Photo: Norinco of China 30 Round AK-47 Pre-Ban Magazine Chinese AK mags - $39.95 for New - up to $49.95 for 'New-in-bag' + shipping !!! www.AK47World.COM

Special Notice: AK47World has come to the FINAL FEW of our Chinese Mfg. 'New-in-the-bag' Norinco Steel AK-47 mags - which WILL BE sold at $49.95 each + S/H - as the ENTIRE Tulsa Gun Show on April 5 & 6, 2014 was walked & ONLY a few used Norinco mags were SEEN for $50 or MORE $$$ - CALL (720) 940-1458 for more INFO !!!


  NOTICE: due to occasional e-mail 'issues' (Spam, etc.?) alternate ORDER METHODS if e-mail doesn't work - is to CALL (720) 940-1458 or (561) 891-9699 or Fax 'Dan' (Order Dept.) @ 303-283-1049 = Dedicated FAX # !!!


Listed price reflects a discount for Checks or Money orders. If paying with a credit or debit card please add 1.9%. All checks or money orders are accepted. Trades welcome & it is your responsibility to determine that items SOLD HERE are legal in your area. Returns allowed within 10 days of shipment delivery. Shipping & Insurance fees are not refundable.

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*** PLEASE NOTE: AK47World.com is not a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL) ***
Therefore AK47World does NOT sell AK-47's or ANY GUNS to the Public - so you WILL NOT see payment buttons for purchase of guns on here - while AK47World.com does dispense FREE INFO on STAYING AWAY from Romanian/Vermont modified WASR-10 or WASR-10/63 AK's - as AK47World.com SELLS AK-47, AK-74, Makarov, PSL & Dragunov ammo, accesories, mags, drums, parts, info & other Soviet/ComBloc Militaria to the General Public - BUT NOT GUNS !!!


Examples of Good AK-47 values

For MORE detailed info on Good & Bad AK-47's - see the AKWorld.com Rifles Page on good AK-47's to buy and what are NOT such good AK-47 values. Hot Deal Header

  STAY AWAY from Yugo M-70 PAP AK Rifles - while 7.62 X 39mm - M92 PAP AK Pistols are OK!

So, unless someone doesn't do valid comparisons - a WELL-MADE Chinese MAK-90, NHM-90 or Hungarian SA-85M, Bulgarian or Maadi ARM AKs (NOW much HIGHER IN 2013) - are usually a MUCH BETTER VALUE than WASR-10/63 or GP-75 Romanian AK's (look for Romanian SAR-1 or MK-1) & also AVOID MODIFIED YUGO/Serbian PAP M-70 Rifles!

For those who desire MILLED-Receiver AK-47's - the average prices for thumbhole Bulgarian SA-93, SLR-95, or SLR-96 are running $1,000 more for these 'Post Ban' MILLED AK-47s - while a Bulgarian SA-M7 or SLR-101 with Pre-Ban style stocks make more sense if close in price to the SA-93, SLR-95, or SLR-96 Post Ban models, or a Poly-Tech Legend, or Century Arms 1960 Polish Milled-Receiver AK-47 if you find one that isn't $2,000 or more !!!

See the AK47World.com RIFLES Page for more INFO at: http://www.ak47world.com/rifles.html


Russian   AK-47
Or, call (720) 940-1458 for more info, if needed.

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April 2014 Specials

AK47World's LOWEST PRICED Chinese Poly-Tech AK-47 Grips @39.95 with $5 shipping* (Parcel Post or $5.85 USPS Priority Mail)

- just FORCED others to LOWER their Prices - but they want $10 minimum shipping with their Poly-Tech Grip Prices !!!


           B-Square Scope Mount for AK's without Side Rail Mounts $49.95 + Shipping with Scopes from $29.95 to $69.95 3x9x40


Russian Army-Issue Slings $29.95 & Shipping !


Genuine 'Pre-Ban' Norinco AK-47 Sling Factory OEM correct Canvas Sling for Chinese AK-47 Rifles (not SKS Slings with leather on both ends) - $17.95 or 3/$45 + Shipping !!!

Photo: Brand 'New-in-sealed bags' 30 Round Egyptian Maadi Mags $39.95 each or 4 for $150 + shipping !!!
Brand 'New-in-sealed bags' 30 Round Egyptian Maadi Mags $39.95 each + shipping - or 4 for $150 + shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!

Warsaw Pact 'Military-Issue' 30 round AK Mags Clearance Priced @ $19.95

(excluding Chinese) + shipping (No Korean Junk) !!!


Photo: Norinco Dragunov NDM-86 Magazine (on right) plus Ndm-86 Cleaning Rod (3 piece) sections & Ndm-86 Take-Down Tool & Norinco NDM-86 Cleaning Kit - $229.95 Shipped !

SOVIET Spetsnaz (Special Forces) 'Werewolf' Patch - Fiercest

Killers in Russian Special Forces $19.95 shipped to USA !!!


East German AKM (Stamped AK-47) Side-Folding Stock $99.95 + Shipping !!!

Also, for those who want to 'Re-Create' a DDR East German 'MPi-KMS72' (like the AK shown in front of the DDR Flag) AK47world has the E. German Pistol Grip & forearm pieces shown above & the 4 x 30rd. mag pouch - CALL (720) 940-1458

For those who want a Straight Stock E. German AKM LOOK - here's a
Low Priced $79.95 Set (minus the Gas Tube) - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


'New-in-Bag' Romanian 40 rd. 'Military Issue' AK-47 Mag (RPK) $49.95 + SHIPPING !!!


Romanian PSL-54C Sniper Rifle 10 Round Magazine 7.62 x 54R - $79.95 + Shipping !!!


Chinese Underfolding Stock Assembly for use on Chinese MAK-90 & NHM-90 Rifles (pictured above that are 'prepped' for Underfolder Stocks - per 18 USC 922r - if you then put 5 approved U.S. Parts along with the folding stock) $79.95 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 - HURRY Limited Supply !!!


BLOWOUT on Tapco 30 round 7.62 x 39mm AK Mags $12.99 each or 2/$25 + Shipping !!!


AK47World has beautiful Romanian 'AIM' Tommy Gun Style ForeGrips $29.95 + shipping
& Super Nice Polished & Immaculate Buttstocks for $49.95 + shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Basic Romanian AK 3 PIECE Stock Set $59.95 + shipping !!!


AK47world has Warsaw Pact Front Sights & Gas Blocks w/o Bayo Lug $25 each + shipping + with BayoLug $30 + shipping + one Chinese MAK-90 Gas Block for $49.95 + shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458


RARE Norinco 'Factory-Issue' 40 round .223 AK Type 84 Mags $109.95 each + shipping - or $2 for $215 Shipped !
(some people are SELLING 30 round Norinco mags for $125 each on GunBroker.com !!!) - ONLY have 2 LEFT = CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Soviet 45 Round RPK-74 Mag - just one came in $79.95 = OK for Pre-Ban Classification to Mass. - HURRY & CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


'Pre-Ban' (for Mass. with Hi-Cap permit) East German (DDR) Bakelite AK-74 Mag (5.45 x 39mm) $59.95 + Shipping !

Bulgarian 30 Round AK-74 Mags - $39.95 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Bulgarian 30 Round Black AK-74 Mag - ONLY 1 Left - $49.95 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Photo: High-Quality Russian Golden Tiger (Vympel Arsenal) - Hurry - $159.95 per 500 rounds Shipped to Lower 48 States - Golden Tiger Ammunition is manufactured by Vympel cartridge plant in Russia, as Vympel maintains its cutting edge reputation by remaining the most up to date enterprise among cartridge plants in Russia (and the only cartridge plant in the Far East).

Golden Tiger Ammo Image 1 Golden Tiger Ammo Image 2

'Golden Tiger'(Vympel Arsenal) - Military-Style 'Lacquer-Coated' casesthe Best AK-47 Ammo you can BUY in America Today - High-Quality Russia - like 'True Military Issue' AK FMJ ammo - unlike 'lower-quality' Polymer-Coated Wolf/Tula/WPA (which RUSTS EASILY...) $299.95 + shipping per 1000 round case of FMJ High-Quality Golden Tiger,or $149.95 per 500 round case + shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Photo: Russian 5.45 x 39mm AK-74 Ammo (does not work in AK-47's ONLY AK-74 Rifles - as AK-47 ammo is HERE NOW - 1080 round tins - $299.95 + shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!! www.ak47world.com


AMMO ALERT - On MARCH 31, 2014 - Obama's ATF Halted the Further Importation of Russian 5.45 x 39mm Surlpus 7N6 AK-74 Ammo !!!

  Which then caused MOST of THIS '7n6' Ammo to be 'SOLD OUT' at Ammo Importers & Distributors ALL OVER the USA in a matter of HOURS - but AK47World FOUND SOME MORE cases of this Now 'No Longer-Importable' Soviet 7n6 Armor-Piercing' AK-74 ammo for $569.95 per 2160 rounds SHIPPED - or $279.95 shipped for 1,080 round tins to Lower 48 States.

- CALL (720) 940-1458 for more INFO - or send an e-mail to: sales@ak47world.com 

Just REMEMBER - very few Gun Show exhibitors have ANYWHERE NEAR the WIDE Variety or VAST #'s of AK & Combloc Weapon PARTS as AK47World does ANYWHERE in the USA !!!   


New Soviet Izhevsk (Izhmash) 30 Round Bakelite Mags - $49.95 + shipping in 7.62 x 39m Mags -  - POUCH NOT INCLUDED !!!

Soviet Izhevsk 30 Round 7.62 x 39mm Bakelite Magazines - $49.95 each mag + shipping - (not all 3 mags & pouch & oil bottle are NOT INCLUDED!) - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Yugo Bolt Hold Open AK47 30rd Magazine Yugo Bolt Hold Open AK47 30rd MagazineYugo Bolt Hold Open AK47 30rd Magazine

Yugo Bolt Hold Open AK47 30rd Magazine

 Surplus Yugoslavian 'Bolt-Hold-Open' 30 Round Steel AK-47 Mags - Surplus/Slightly Scuffed - 'Clearance Priced' @ $29.95 + Shipping - Call (720) 940-1458 !!!


Arsenal of Bulgaria .233/556 NATO 30 Round Waffle Magazines (Smoke or Black Color) for 5.56 x
45mm NATO for Bulgarian SLR-106 AK's - $49.95 + SHIPPING - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!

Photo: East German Weiger .223 mags for Romanian SAR-3 AK-47's @ $59.95 + Shipping !!!
E. German 30 Round Weiger .223 Mags for Romanian SAR-3 & WASR-3 AK's in 5.56 NATO Caliber - Limited Quantity - only 1 used one Left - $49.95 + shipping !!!

BRAND NEW-in-Bag Bulgarian Steel AK-47 Mags - $29.95 + s/h !!!

Bulgarian 7.62 x 39mm Circle 10 Waffle Mags 'Military-Issue' - $49.95 each + shipping !!!


See AK47World.com's SWEET Chinese AK Stock Set !!!

SWEET 4 piece Chinese Stock Set -$179.95 + SHIPPING - Compare it to Chinese Stock Sets eleswhere at OVER $200 !!!

 photo Chinese4pcStockSetAK2.jpg

CALL (720) 940-1458 or ELSE someone will 'SCOOP UP' this Beautiful Chinese Stock Set !!!

hungarian with chinese pistol grip photo IMG_20140326_190110814.jpg

For those with Romanian, Russian, Hungarian & Bulgarian AK's or those on a budget - here's
a used Hungarian AK-74 Stock Set with a New Chinese Wood Pistol Grip for $119.95 + shipping !


Just Received - some Vintage Chinese 'China Jing' & old Norinco 'China North Industries'
AP & Lapua AK ammo- While this Chinese AK Ammo might be 'Steel Core' - it's being DISCOUNTED @ .50 cents per
round - as if it's lead core -while others are SELLING Chinese AK Ammo for $1 to $2 per rd. OTHERS SELLING it for at Gun Shows & online auctions - after Clinton BANNED the Import of Chinese AK Ammo in the 90's
(was not connected to 1994 Crime Bill) - CALL (720) 940-1458
- as IT WILL VERY HARD to BEAT the PRICE on this 'No-Longer Imported' Super-Clean-burning AK Ammo

$575 Shipped for 1,000 rounds total (see breakdown of brands below) to Lower 48 states for:

; a. 20 boxes 'China Jing' Copper-washed steel (400 RDS.)
                                                                                             b. 11 boxes Norinco Silver box (220 RDS.)

                                                                                             c. 13 boxes Old Norinco (260 RDS.)

                                                                                             d. 120 Rounds of 'Super Accurate' brass-cased Lapua of Finland miltary-issue 7.62 x 39mm ammo

in Wooden crate.

Photo: Just Receive Chinese AP & Lapua AK ammo - CALL

'CLEAN-Burning' Russian Barnaul Mfg. 'Electroless-Nickel' Silver Bear limited amount of FMJ as the rest is Hollow Point 7.62 x 39mm AK & SKS Ammo - $199 per 500 rds. & shipping !!! CALL (720) 940-1458

New Soviet AKM 'Non-Vented' - Gas tubes - SOLD OUT - Seeking More !!!

1 Vented AK-47 Gas Tube LEFT - Hurry ONLY 1 left @ $39.95 + shipping !!!


AK-74 Muzzle Brakes 24mm RH thread (AK47World has 'Step Up'/thread adapters
 to take 14 x 1mm LH thread to these 24mm RH thread Muzzle Brakes) - ONLY $34.95
 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458
as others want AT LEAST $45 or more for these Muzzle Brakes
+ shipping for these AK-74 Muzzle Brakes !!!


More Junky WASR-10 ALERTS !!!

AK47World was just at the Worlds' Largest Gun Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma & these two guys came to buy some AK mags for a New WASR-10 & an older Romanian SAR-1, they had just bought.

  One of the AK's was a 'Brand New' WASR-10 AK that one of the guys had just bought & while it would take Century's 'Double-Stack' Romanian 10 round AK mag that Century included with the Rifle - it wouldn't accept ANY of our 30 round Soviet, Chinese, Romanian, E. German or Bulgarian 'Military Issue' AK-47 Mags in its 'Poorly-Cut' WASR-10 magazine well, while his buddy had purchased a 2003 imported Romanian SAR-1 - which easily accepted ALL of our ComBloc 'Military-Issue' 30 round AK Mags LISTED ABOVE !!!

This is yet another REASON WHY AK47World.com DOES NOT Recommend WASR-10 AKM Rifles !!!


And then just recently, A 'Non-FFL AK-74 Collector' contacted us trying to KNOCK DOWN the PRICE ($750) of our Romanian 'CUR-2' (AK-74) - because some Romanian AK Website 'Bozo' says CUR-2 AK-74's & other Romanian AKMs should sell for $400 in April of 2014 ???

NOT to be CONFUSED with Later Century-Bastardized WASR-2 or WASR-10's AKs

Oh really, just Where The 'F' does he think he'll find any $400 'Double-Stack' in America in April of 2014 !!!

Here are some CUR-2 Owners Comments: "The CUR 2's were among the nicest Romanian 5.45 rifles imported. And I don't think a large number were imported. At least, you don't see a ton of them for sale."

Another CUR Owner says, "I love my CUR 2 Romy 74..... They are super nice rifles. I will always keep mine. It has gone many miles with me and to be honest is sort of my go to gun for most situations. Accurate and reliable for me."


$ 800
For sale/trade is a Waffenwerks Ak74 rifle made wi...
Tampa/St. Pete
$ 800
Up for sale is a Bulgarian AK-74 parts kit that is...
$ 800
Bought this for my gf as something to shoot for fu...
$ 800
I have a Romanian Intrac MK-II AK-74 for sale/trad...
$ 800
About 600 rounds of milsurp ammo through, cleaned ...
Colorado Springs
$ 800
Like new Bulgarian ak74 with US made chrome lined ...
Fort Collins
$ 800
Rifle includes a side scope rail, high quality KG ...
$ 800
Waffen Werks AK-74 with Rare Bakelite 45rd magazin...
Rock Hill
$ 800
Like new Waffen Werks AK74, with beautiful wood. e...
Fort Collins
$ 800
For sale is a romanian ak 74 romak 2 .these rifles...

For Sale/Trade: Romanian AK-74 rare CUR-2

$ 800
Private Party
Listings by this user
Listed On:
Thursday, January 09, 2014
Listed In:
Forest lake, Minnesota, United States - Map
Firearm Type:
Edit | Favorite CUR-2 in 5.45, converted to the standard ak configuration, comes with black furniture. Has the Romanian 45 degree charging handle and chrome lined bore. Only imported in the year 1997, these are some of the highest quality 74's to have reached our shores. Open to trades. Will come with one magazine.

Will trade for:


Also, AK47World is NOT an FFL & THEREFORE cannot SELL firearms to Non-FFL's!



Few Weapons have the reliability of a 'properly-built' AK-47


First off, when you Google "AK47World" - besides the excellent rating by Better Business Bureau of AK47World.com - you'll see some 'Board Fairy' comments like "Bad Customer Service or Unprofessional" = which is what 'Board Fairies' spew if they can't buy stuff at Wholesale, or below cost, or there's less than 10% profit on something, or they can't find out WHO AK47World's sources are...

Also, we have some other 'Board Fairies' who don't SELL AK Parts like AK47World.com does = meaning they don't take the constant CALLS we get of WASR-10 owners having their firing pins 'Walk Out' of the back of their Bolts after only 2 months of use - as Board Fairies proclaim that BECAUSE they have a Good WASR-10, then AK47World's ALL WRONG, or that we SAY ALL WASR-10's are BAD...

But again these 'Board Fairies' aren't at Gun Shows selling AK Parts either, like AK47World was in Tulsa to SEE Brand New WASR-10 AK's that would take the AK mag that Century included with the Rifle - but NONE of our Soviet, Chicom, Romanian, E. German or Bulgarian 'Military Issue' AK-47 Mags could even be INSERTED into the 'Poorly- Cut' WASR-10 magazine wells = More Century Arms SLOPINESS !!!

So people, if AK47World's over 12 years of 100% Perfect eBay FEEDBACK & our BBB rating isn't Good Enough & you'd like to believe what 'less than knowledgable' Board Fairies say - then Good Luck to you, as AK47World DOES BEST with 'educated' & friendly customers - but runs off 'know it alls' & 'Board Fairies' who live in their Mommie's basements & want everything BELOW COST, or WHERE you get stuff from...


Recently the owner of AK47World was SUSPENDED from eBay for selling AK-47 Stocks & Pistol Grips - LIKE 1,000's of others are CURRENTLY DOING Right Now on eBay - who CLAIMS it's their 'Discretion' to DECIDE if they want to LET some Sellers SELL Parts to an Assault Weapon' while they END other's auctions for SELLING the SAME EXACT ITEMS !!!

So if there's any Attorneys out there that SEE the TREMENDOUS INEQUITY that eBay is perpetrating here & who WANT to HELP AK47World make these Anti-Gun Assholes PAY for their 'UNFAIR PRACTICES' - Please e-mail: sales@ak47world.com or CALL (561) 891-9699, or (720) 940-1458 !!!

Here's some EXAMPLES om 4/14/2014 of eBay SELLERS selling EXACTLY the types of AK ITEMS that AK47World was SUSPENDED for SELLING on eBay:

And this is why you never, ever go for new Lancasters. The chances of them going to shit are too great, and when they do, you have to endure the customer service that earned Lancaster Arms an F rating by the BBB.

Also in New York - BEWARE of Russian Scammers: Daniella & Alexander Zeltser of Woodbourne, NY who order items & then TRY to COMMIT FRAUD by seeking Chargebacks - DESPITE USPS 'Delivery Confirmation' !!!



Priority Mail®

December 10, 2012, 10:12 am


Expected Delivery By:
December 12, 2012

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December 08, 2012, 10:21 pm
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DENVER, CO 80217 



$1,000 REWARD for the 'Arrest & Conviction' of the thieves who were DRIVING a late model Black 4 Door Jeep Wrangler with Nebraska License Plates towing a Black Trailer who RIPPED OFF a Marcolmar mfg. PKM Transit Case (pictured below) with several Ammo Cans, AK Mags & several ChiCom AK-47 Canvas Chest Pouches & Drum Pouches, AK Stocks & wood AKM forearms, AK Pistol Grips, Soviet 'BB' Shoulder Boards and a Czech NPS-2 Transit Case (see pictures below) from a Hotel Parking Lot in Aurora, Colorado during the height of the Colorado Fire evacuations in June !!! These punks will probably try to SELL these items in Nebraska - so CALL (720) 940-1458 for more details on the $1,000 REWARD for NAILING these Dirtbags !!!

Also, due to their behavior with customers +/or AK47World.com - business with these entities CAN NOT be recommended:

1. Greg Abbott of Personal Defense Systems in Portland, Oregon

2. Buddy Hinton of Houston, Texas - moderator of biased website - whose head is way too big for his britches !

3. Lancaster Arms - just look at the BBB complaints on them !

4. Joe Cox, now-convicted FELON former-owner of Joeken Firearms.

5. Weapons Unlimited/'Shoot Straight'(s) of Florida.

6. Atlantic Firearms

7. Victor Bean - Promoter, Southern Classic Gun Shows, Orlando, Florida

8. Suncoast Gun Shows - based in Ohio, but doing business in Florida - due to their legal problems in Florida!

9. Century Arms International - just Google them or do a YouTube search !

10. Hesse Arms (now hides as 'Vulcan' or Blackthorne Arms)

THIEF ALERT - Mike Dziuba of St. Louis, Missouri (Mike's Gun Repair)
Despite 'Proof of Delivery' this SCUMBAG Mike Dziuba of St. Louis, MO is try to GET $80 worth of MAGS free - any St. Louis area customers who know this cretin should ADVISE others of Mike Dziuba's DISHONESTY & REFRAIN from doing ANY BUSINESS with this 'Low-Life' !!!
Name on Card:  Michael D Dziuba
Address:  10110 Drew Terraace
City:  St Louis
State:  MO
Zip/Postal Code:  63126
Email:  No Data
Card Type:  
Card Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Expiration:  0213
Amount:  $80.95
Transaction Type:  SALE
Transaction Date:  4/11/2012
Transaction Time:  3:04:00 AM
Record Number:  N/A
Approval Code:  01163B
Authorization Response:  Approved
SecurePay_ID:  78239
Notes:  For your order of 2 Izhmash AK 74 mags
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style="font-size: xx-large;">



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