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  STAY AWAY from Yugo M-70 PAP AK Rifles - while 7.62 X 39mm M92 PAP AK Pistols are OK!
So, unless someone doesn't do valid comparisons - a WELL-MADE Chinese MAK-90, NHM-90 or Hungarian SA-85M, Bulgarian or Maadi ARM AKs (now higher $ in 2015) - are usually a MUCH BETTER VALUE than WASR-10/63 or GP-75 Romanian AK's (look for Romanian SAR-1 or MK-1) & also AVOID MODIFIED YUGO/Serbian PAP M-70 Rifles!
For those who desire MILLED-Receiver AK-47's - remember  Milled AKs use Special Buttstocks! Also, high-quality thumbhole Bulgarian SA-93, SLR-95, or SLR-96 AKs are running $800 more for these 'Post Ban' MILLED AK-47s, while a Bulgarian SA-M7 or SLR-101 with Pre-Ban style stocks make more sense if close in price to a SA-93, SLR-95, or SLR-96 'Post Ban' model, or a Poly-Tech Legend.
Lately, the Century Arms C-39V2 (version 2) Polish Milled-Receiver AK-47 shows up as a decent low-cost Milled AK.
 See the AK47World.com RIFLES Page for more INFO at: http://www.ak47world.com/rifles.html

Russian   AK-47
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July 2015 'Goodies' !!!
Our 'Best Quality' Russian AK/SKS Ammo - Just Arrived July 6, 2015 !!!
Golden Tiger Ammo Image 1 Golden Tiger Ammo Image 2

Buyers are 'STRONGLY ADVISED' to 'BUY NOW' - as this Russian Golden Tiger is the BEST AK-47/SKS

Ammo on the Market Today - $299.95 Delivered* (Call for Payment Details)

or $310 Delivered with Credit Cards to Lower 48 States!

CALL (720) 940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 for more info !!!

'Hard to Get' Ammo, as shipments of Golden Tiger from Russia SELL FAST !!!

Brown Bear Ammunition 7.62x39mm Russian 123 Grain Full Metal Jacket (Bi-Metal)
 Brown Bear® 7.62 x 39mm Higher-Quality 'Lacquer-Coated' Hollow Point Ammo

by Barnaul Cartridge Works of Russia (unlike cheap 'Polymer-coated' Wolf/Tulammo that rusts easily)...

Note: Quality 'Mil-Spec' Lacquer-Coated AK ammo GOES FAST

 $329.95 Delivered in 48 Lower States - $300 in Denver Local Sales !!!

CALL (720) 940-1458 or (720) 988-0948

 5 photo 20150626_170340.jpg
 photo 20150626_170445 1.jpg 1 photo 20150626_170300.jpg
 3 photo 20150626_170324.jpgRomanian AKM photo RomanianAKMStockSet.jpg6 photo 20150626_170402.jpg photo 20150626_170418.jpg photo 20150626_170407_1.jpg photo 20150626_170314_1.jpg1 photo 20150626_170300.jpg photo 20150626_170451.jpg photo 20150626_170445 1.jpg
Lots of different AK Stocks, with some 'Take Off' Military-Issued Handguards as low
as $15 + Shipping, along with Buttstocks as low as $15 too + shipping, or buy a BUNCH
of Stock Pieces at USPS 'Flat Rate' Shipping !!!
Also there's a Beautiful Romanian Laminated AKM Stock Set shown with your choice
of a Black U.S. Pistol Grip, or Combloc Reddish Brown Romanian Polymer Pistol Grip $79.95 + Shipping
CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!
QR bipod photo IMG_20140427_173911293.jpgpile if QR bipods photo IMG_20140427_173859563.jpg

Chinese 'Quick-Release' AK-47 Bipods, also fits SKS/AK

Type Rifles & the Maadi RPK that you don't see just anywhere ! 

(models RPM & RML SERIES) AK Rifles* - $39.95 + Shipping CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948

or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE to:

sales@ak47world.com !!! 

 (*Note: will NOT Fit Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)

Image result for ak front sights
These Quick Release' Bipods REQUIRE an 'under Barrel Cleaning Rod'
(like SHOWN above) to KEEP from 'Flipping Around' on you with MAK-90's
& other AKs without a Cleaning Rod underneath their barrels !!!

Serbian 'Grenade-Launcher' (Spigot) for standard 14 x 1mm

LH Threaded AK's - fires U.S. M-31 'Rifle-Launched' Grenades, also Israeli, Serbian, French/NATO issue

& Swiss Rifle-Launched Grenades from your AK with Standard AK blanks $9.95 + Shipping !!!

'Super Deal' for Quanity of these Launchers 'in-the-white' (unblued) - 10 or more at $3 each with USPS 'Flat-Rate' Shipping !!!

Call 720-940-1458 or (720)-988-0948 or send an e-mail

for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!


 AK47World SELLS mostly OEM 'No-Longer Importable' Combloc Weapons Parts
& relies on a 'Perfect' Ebay Feedback Record as 'ruchnoi' & 'dkingiv2012' & Excellent BBB Ratings !!!
 AK-47 Oil Bottles $1 each for Black Plastic,
$2 Steel Single Cell, $3 Steel Dual Cell
& shipping - while they LAST !!!
AK-74 Style Muzzle Brake for 14 x 1mm thread AK-47's
 $19.95 + shipping - CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948
or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!
Milled AK-47 FA Hammer Chinese AK47
Attention AK-47 Builders - Blow-Out on AK Hammers, Triggers ($2 Romanian, $5 E. German or Chinese)
  AK Cleaning Rods $5, RPK Cleaning Rods $10
 Trigger Guard - complete with Paddle & Spring $20
Aldo, parts DO NOT INCLUDE Shipping- but Low Cost USPS 'Flat-Rate' is your BEST Route if you buy a LOT of Parts - Call 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!
'Snooze & Lose'
poly 4 photo IMG_20140705_192838.jpg
As AK47World just SOLD OUT of new Norinco 30 Round
AK-47 Mags - that you're NOT gonna FIND at Cheaper than Dirt,
or at MOST other 'Wannabe' AK-47 Sites - SOLD OUT
CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948
or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE
Authentic 'Vietnam-Era' 3 x 30 round AK-47 mag
Chinese 'Military-Issue' Chest Pouch - SOLD OUT !!! 
CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail
for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!
   photo PSL1.jpg photo PSL2.jpg
CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail
for an online INVOICE to sales@ak47world.com !!!
Norinco .223 mags photo Norino223mags.jpg
Norinco .223 Type 84 223 Norinco mags - SOLD OUT in May 0f 2015 = where WERE YOU ?
as AK47World SOLD these RARE Chinese .22 Norinco AK Mags for FAR LESS that what the Bandits on GunBroker Sell them for !!!
CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948
or send an e-mail for MORE INFO to: sales@ak47world.com !!!

Scope with Throw Lever Mount photo SCOPE.jpg

'Quick Detachable' Double Picatinny AK Side-Rail Scope Mount $39.95 + Shipping (scope not included) CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com


Bulgarian-Style 4 piece muzzle Device - 24mm x 1.5 Right-Hand Threads (standard AK-74 threads) & AK47World has 'adapters' to USE THIS Muzzle Device with 14 x 1mm LH thread AK's to accept this AK-74 Muzzle Brake - $119.95 + Shipping - CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!
TOO LATE - as the Marine who WANTED AK47World to SELL this Chinese Steel Core AK/SKS Ammo for him - SOLD IT himself on 6/22/2015 !!!
 Chinese AP 7.62 x 39mm 'Steel Core' Ammo!!!
 Chinese Steel Core Spam - SOLD on 6/22/2015 !!!
Call #720-940-1458 for further details !!!

 If you have an actual INERT RPG-7 or an INERT Sagger AT-3 Anti-Tank Missile (like one of these BELOW) - please CONTACT: sales@AK47World.com

AT-3 Sagger.jpg////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Fiskars/Valmet AK Bayonet photo Fiskars Bayonette.jpg
'Snooze & Lose' - as a North Carolina AK Collector 'Snapped Up' this Like New
Valmet 'Fiskars' Bayonet with Green Valmet Sheath & also
BOUGHT ALL of AK47World's 20 Round Type 63 AK Mags, too!

30 rd. Norinco 7.62 x 39mm AK Mag photo Chinese 7.62x39.jpg

Like New 'Serbian' (Yugo) 30 Round 'Bolt Hold Open' AK-47 Magazine - $29.95 + Shipping 

CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!


20 Round Chinese Type 63 Bolt-Hold open Mags photo Type 63.jpg

20 Round 7.62 x 39mm 'Bolt Hold-Open' Chinese 'Type 63' AK-47 Mags SOLD OUT Early Friday Morning 4/17/2015 to a 'Wise' North Carolina Collector - BOUGHT THEM ALL !!!


 SPECIAL NOTICE: Anyone who harasses or Publicly disparages or derides the owner of this Website (Daniel King) WILL BE EXPOSED likewise & by Publicly naming Daniel King on Public Blogs - or sending harassing e-mails or making harassing phone calls THEN invite 'What Goes Around Comes Around' (Fair Game) retaliation from Daniel King will happen - for sure !!!

LOL, as this 'Fugly Commie Biatch' (Rebecca Schoenkopf) of the Communist 'Wonkette' Anti-Christian & 'GOP-hating' 'Wonkette' blog publicly derided Daniel King on her Wonkette blog & now REAPS her 'PayBack' - as she's SO WORKED UP she went through the ENTIRE AK47World.com website just to criticise it because it EXPOSES her beloved Communist 'Bathhouse Barry-the-Fairy' Obama !!!

   Rebecca Schoenkopf ('Fugly' Communist 'Christian/Republican Hater').

 This 'Linda Blair' Excorcist Type who calls herself the Mad Jewess !!!

 Andrew Clark's photo.

  Also, Rebecca the 'Wonkette', who refers to 'your's truly', as her 'Crazy Uncle', because she worships at the altar of Obama & other Communist/Democrat Memes, recently asked for 'tips' to keep her 'Republican/Conservative-slamming' screed churning along !

  While I told Rebecca that I have a Special 'tip' for her, the little Communist 'Wonkette' has NOW blocked my comments on her Disqus 'Wonkette' blog = so typical of an Obamanista, who wants to SLAM Anti-Obama types from pointing out how STUPID they are !!!

Andrew Clark (Notice how 'Commie Dems' always have their wives keep their Maiden Names, as her 'Homer Simpson-looking' Lefty Husband, shared Rebecca Schoenkopf's photo.
Rebecca Schoenkopf's photo.


Btw, if the SHTF' during 'Jade Helm 15' & possible 'Martial Law' from July 15 to Sept. 15 is declared by the 'Usurper', Obama - some may be unaware that Martial Law CLOSES ALL Gun Shows, Gun Shops & forbids Ammo sales on the Internet & 'Common Carrier Shipment' of Guns, Ammo, Powder, Primers, etc. (ORM-D) !!!

oathkeepers 5  29-Palms-May-28-20132
 While AK47World.com TRIES to give AK buyers 'Free Advice' on the best AKs to buy, some want 'Personal Assistance' & if so, send an e-mail to: sales@ak47world.com & for $30 you'll receive url LINKS to the 'safest' - Good AKs to buy, rather than having some 'Billy Bob' FFL Gun dealer tell you the 'Mickey-Mouse' (Non-Military Arsenal-built AK) he's selling you,
comes with a  year warranty, that with WASR-10 AKs means from when the AK Rifle was BUILT, not when you buy it, or that if the Rifle has a problem, that FFL dealer won't fix or exchange your WASR-10, or other Century AK, but instead you'll have to pay $70 or more sending it back to Century via UPS 2nd Day Air !!!

 To: Dave Hodges

   Sir, After reading your recent article "America's Survival Depends on Stopping Jade Helm" on May 22nd, I felt compelled to write you.

   I was recently forced into retirement by President Obama along with 270 other flag officers after a distinguished career beginning on my 17th birthday when I enlisted in the Army. I am not angry about being forced out (at least anymore) because it gave me the time to think about what is about to happen to America and what I could, would and should do.

   In 2012 I was part of a Pentagon study which estimated that roughly 60% of active duty Army personal will side with the American people as will 80% of the National Guard when the order is given to openly enslave the American people under Martial Law.

   Somewhere around 90% the Marines will side with the American people, the Navy as a whole will stay out of the fight choosing to be the last line of defense against foreign intervention. 
    It is widely believed that in excess of 75% of the Air Force will side with government. There are many within the active military both officers and senior NCO's who see what is happening and what is coming. Many more than you can possibly imagine will not follow an unconstitutional order to move against the American people, nor will they allow foreign troops to openly attack American citizens. 

   This would be the start of a fight these foreign forces could not possibly win as we will be fighting for our families, home, country and freedom.

   I was part of a major Pentagon study concerning how our military might react to the coming civil war, our forces will break down into three sides, Patriots, Government and those who choose not to take a side but will protect and defend civilians.

  What we will see is a ground war, city by city, street by street. Additionally what is coming will be unlike any civil war in history, it will be very personal, the government will call the Patriots forces terrorists and traitors, they will arrest, intern, torture and murder suspected terrorists families, this will result in bloody reprisals which will start a vicious cycle lasting for years.

   I have a son and a friend of the family both of which I am proud to say are excellent and decorated officers, my son commands a wing of Apache helicopters and the family friend commands an armored brigade.

   We were having dinner a few weeks ago with several current and former officers. As the evening wore on the mood turned somber as this very subject came up, they have all discussed this including what to do.

   As the evening concluded both of my son and my friend's son, and to a man, all of the other officers came together with one statement. "Sir, when you need us we will be there".

   I am personally aware that many such meetings have taken place with similar pledges of support. I have tried to teach my these young officers and the men under my command two overriding principals: Never start a fight but always finish it, and when going into battle let your enemy know through your words, deeds and actions that while I migh die today, know that I will not die easily and God willing I will not die alone.

            With Regards and Respect,

                                                         Lt. General _ (ret)


Coming SOON to a town near you ???

 Why are dozens of military vehicles going behind Grocery Stores, some of which are 'Closed Down'(?) WalMart stores ???

As they disappear behind these Grocery Stores where the area's SEALED OFF by Military Personnel or Local POLICE ???

Michelle R. Miller's photo.

Soviet MVD Hat photo SovietMVDhat.jpgInside of Soviet Visor Cap photo SovietMVDhatInside.jpg

$69.95 + Shipping 
CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!
AK-74 Muzzle Brakes 24mm RH thread SOLD OUT !!!
AK47World also has 'Step Up'/thread adapters ($15) to take 14 x 1mm LH thread to these 24mm RH thread AK-74 Muzzle Brakes) - CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!
 Polish mags photo IMG_20140504_160414828_HDR.jpgpolish2 photo IMG_20140504_160403092.jpgpolish3 photo IMG_20140504_160437295.jpg
 European (Russian, Hungarian, Romanian) 'Military-Issue' - Good Condition
30 Round AK-47 Mags - $24.95 + Shipping  (New Bulgarian $29.95 + Shipping)
CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail
for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!

Poly Tech 3 AK-47 Mag Clamp photo Poly3MagClamp.jpg

Chinese 'Poly-Tech' 3 Steel AK-47 Mags CLAMP -

Much Stronger than Cheap U.S. Made Sheet Metal Mag Clamps
makes a GREAT 'Rifle Stand' to DISPLAY AK's on
Gun Show Tables - $29.95 + Shipping !!! 
AK-47 Side Folding Stock Metal Original Romanian Military New
 CALL (720) 988-0948 SOLD OUT on April 1st, 2015 (Not an April Fool's Joke), as these Romanian Side-Folders are 'HARD to GET' !!!


AK47World used to get these Taiwan-made '4 piece 'Russian Red' matching Laminated Wood
'Repro' Stock Sets', but 'Team Obama' KEEPS HALTING the Import of these Excellent Quality AK Stock Sets to KEEP Republicans & Conservative Gun Owners from 'Fixing Up' their AK's (out of 'Spite' from the 'SpiteHouse'...)
As there's ONLY one 'Custom Stock Builder' in California
& he has a 3 month wait for his AK Stock Sets, while 'Team Obama' BLOCKS out Stock Imports from Taiwan !!!


Chinese Springs & Followers photo ChineseSpringsFollowers.jpg

Chinese Spring & Followers for 10 ROUND .223 Norinco Type 84 Mags

(Far Left Spring/Follower) - $14.95 + Shipping - Also have one Makarov New E. German Magazine Sprinf for $9.95 + shipping !!!

CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 or send an e-mail
for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!




Russian AK Sling photo RussianAKsling.jpg

Russian AK-47 & SKS Sling $24.95 + Shipping 

CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948
or send an e-mail for an online INVOICE to: sales@ak47world.com !!!


Russian MVD Troops photo Russians.jpg

AK47World has 14 x 1mm LH thread to 24mm x 1.5mm RH thread adapters ($15) so AK-47 owners can install True AK-74 Muzzle Brakes on their 14 x 1mm LH threaded AK-47's - CALL (720) 940-1458 for more Info !!!

ATI Sling photo atislingSKS0400.jpg

ATI Nylon Sling will fit many types of Rifles - $9.95 + Shipping !!!


AK 7.62x39mm Speed Loader (old style) $7.99 + Shipping !!!

AK New Style Speedloader photo AKspeedloader.jpg
 'New-Style' Chinese AK & SKS Speed loader for 7.62 x 39mm ammo - $19.95 + Shipping
 why pay MORE for SLOWER & Higher Priced Lula Loaders CALL 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 to order !!!
Please BE ADVISED - that 'Dan the A-K Man' guarantees
EVERYTHING SOLD here on AK47World.com
or you'll get your $$$ back & I will never
ADVISE Buyers to Buy WASR-10 AK's !!!
Here's what the High Road says about Century's AK's
A) their workmanship is spotty at best, and their quality control is abysmal by industry standards.
B) their 1 year warranty starts at the time it leave the factory, not at the time you take original ownership
C) if your buying a century product off someone else, chances are its already off warranty, so you better make sure its 100%
D) if you do have problems and managed to get in before the warranty expires, they will either fix the weapon or replace it. If they fix it you better hope they do it within a reasonable time frame and pray that it actually got fixed because you probably won't get a second chance. If your weapon was replaced and exhibits the same problem as your previous weapon or has different problems of its own.....well your out of luck because replacement weapons have no warranty.
So in the end, while century does have a competitive pricing index on their weapons which allows them to capture SUCKERS, the sad fact is that the probability of experiencing a problem with a century product is higher than most other manufacturers.
 This combined with an almost non-existent warranty means that at the end of the day that cheap firearm will probably end up costing you more to get fixed than it would have if you would have spent the extra money to buy from a reputable company that stands behind their products.
This leaves you with two options if you insist and taking the gamble and buying a century product.
1) inspect the weapon thoroughly before taking ownership of it. Most of the common flaws can be detected if you know what you are looking for. However many will not surface until you have taken it to the range, at which point it is probably too late.
2) buy the century product from a company who "certifies" that the weapon is issue free and offers their own warranty on top of century arms! (I WOULD DO THIS if I were an FFL).


INERT (Deactivated) M-31 HEAT fin-stabilized anti-tank rifle grenade designed in the late 1950s to replace
the Belgian ENERGA rifle grenade which was adopted by the US Army and US Marines (Now PAINTED Green)
- $49.95 + Shipping !!! (cannot be shipped to 'California, Illinois, New York, Conn. or Mass.)
 photo ImmaculateAKMHandguardSet.jpg
Immaculate Eastern European AKM 'Solid Wood' Lower Handguard Set - almost LOOKS like 'No Longer Importable'
Chinese Norinco Stocks - if you want to 'Fit' these handguards to Chinese AK - SOLD !!!
AK Thread Adapter photo AKthreadAdapter-1.jpg
MAK-90 & Non-Threaded AK Thread Adapter for 14 x 1mm Metric AK Flash Hider
Muzzle Brake Thread Devices -  $12.95 + shipping !!!
 photo RomakLight.jpg
Romanian Buttstock (use your hardware) $25 + Shipping !!!
 AMD-63 photo IMG_20140625_123644618_HDR.jpg AK47World has all kinds of AK Stock Sets

CALL (720) 988-0948 for MORE INFO !!!


Stock Side photo 20150513_103834.jpgPoly 2 photo 20150513_104612.jpg

'Snooze & Lose'
JUST SOLD this s Poly-Tech Chinese Wood Stock Set that's all original except the original owner smooth sanded the checkering off of the Poly-Tech wood pistol grip, which looks good like a slightly wider Norinco Pistol Grip & it has the 'hard-to-find' ferrrule, or 'grip cap' as one California 'Stock-maker' calls them, but he doesn't have
IMPORTANT NOTE: this Chinese Stock Set WILL SAVE YOU at least $100 & no 3 Month Wait (as you'll have most of AK47World.com's orders in 3 days !!!) over what that 'California Stock Maker' will charge you & his Pistol Grip has no 'Grip Cap' (ferrule) & you'll WAIT 90 days (in most cases) - JUST SOLD - call 720-940-1458 or 720-988-0948 for more Info

Yugo Thumbhole photo yugo.jpg

 Yugoslavian (Zastava PAP) Plastic Thumbhole Stock only $9.95 + Shipping !!!
 photo BulgarianLowers.jpg
Bulgarian 'Solid Wood' Lower Handguards for ALL Combloc AKM Rifles,
except Yugo (Zastava PAP) $9.95 (lower one) to $19.95 (top two) - CALL (720) 988-0948

New Russian 'POSP' '4 x 24mm' Dragunov Scope that AK47World SOLD OUT of for $149.95

- are NOW being SOLD by Kalinka Optics for $239.95 + Shipping - to ALL you who

listen to Board Fairies' who say AK47World is too High Priced - as AK47World is NOW SOLD OUT

 because of Better Prices !!!

 CALL (720) 988-0948 or: sales@ak47world.com

Also if you WANT to 'Buy Something' for your AK or Combloc Weapons,
a PayPal or www.flint.com INVOICE will be e-mailed to you. 
 Or for more information, you CALL (720) 988-0948 for more or contact: sales@ak47world.com
BEWARE of 'The Man' calling you from 720-278-7739 because he's an 'Agent of the Kenyan' !!!
 Also, some of you might SEE some juvenile insults about AK47World, or its owner, Daniel King
on some 'Gun Boards' by some 'little boy' hypocrites who love to 'BAD MOUTH' Daniel King or AK47World,
but then TURN AROUND & BUY UP the RARE Items on here, just so they can Resell the items for a Big Profit !!!
 So if you're dumb enough to believe these 'Board Fairies' over Daniel King & AK47World's
100% Perfect eBay Feedback & Excellent Better Business Record = Go Right Ahead, as ONLY SMART BUYERS buy
from AK47World.com & Daniel King, while they 'Hoodwink' others to get the Good Deals' for themselves,
right 'Jarrid', who wants 20 Round Rare 'Star' AK mags for $70 !!!
So folks, EITHER Buy Ammo NOW - BEFORE Obama HALTS Imports on Guns & Ammo, as there's
NOTHING in the 2nd Amendment that Forces Obama to allow Foreign Ammo or Gun Imports into the USA...
Or if you're SMART & REALIZE that $$$ spent on 'Consumer Crap' like I-Phones & Big Screen TVs ain't gonna help you
too much when the SHTF & Obama DECLARES 'Martial Law' = Closing All Gun Shops, Gun Shows & Internet Sales of Guns & Ammo !!!
Wolf Miltary Classic AK-47/SKS Ammo - FMJ - $289.95 Shipped to the Lower 48 States
where allowed - CALL (720) 940-1458 TO ORDER, or use the BLUE 'Buy Now' Button below !!!
Frustrated AK Wood Stock Set Buyers & Norinco .223 AK Magazine Buyers !!! 
  Because Bill Clinton BANNED ALL Chinese AK Parts, including Mags PERMANENTLY on May 22, 1994 = it's a FELONY to IMPORT
Chinese AK Mags & AK's into the USA after May 22, 1994 & it has NOTHING to do with the Temporary Sept. 1994 Crime Bill that Sunsetted on Sept. 13, 2004
So while you can Import AK mags from Eastern Europe - NONE can be Imported from China !!!
This also incudes Chinese AK
stock sets, because the idiot Dumbocraps want to Pretend that America
won't be SAFE at night with Chinese Stock Sets in America ???
The Hustler honcho says he thinks Hillary Clinton could win in 2016 !!!
(That is if Obama doesn't DECLARE 'Martial Law' & HALT elections & Appoint himself 'King' !!!)
Fast & Furious Scandal photo HolderAndObama.jpg

Why does AK47World have ALL this 'Jade Helm 15' Stuff on its website ???

Simple = if Obama DECLARES 'Martial Law' as the RIOTS that he & George Soros are

'Organizing' over the USA tied to the #Baltimore Fiasco, are designed to increase Civil UNREST so much,

Obama will get his 'Martial Law' SCAM & ALL Gun Shops, Gun Websites & Gun Shows will be SHUT DOWN !!!

Demon Obama photo DemonObama.jpg
The following is a list of our military elite who have been dismissed or fired under Obama

Commanding Generals & Admiral fired by Barack Hussein Obama ('Soviet Plant'?)
� General John R. Allen - U.S. Marines Commander International Security Assistance Force [ISAF] (Nov 2012)
� Major General Ralph Baker (2 Star) - U.S. Army Commander of the Combined Joint Task Force Horn in Africa (April 2013)
� Major General Michael Carey (2 Star) - U.S. Air Force Commander of the 20th US Air Force in charge of 9,600 people and 450 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (Oct. 2013)
� Colonel James Christmas - U.S. Marines Commander 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit & Commander Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response Unit (July 2013)
� Major General Peter Fuller U.S. Army Commander in Afghanistan (May 2011)
� Major General Charles M.M. Gurganus - U.S. Marine Corps Regional Commander of SW and I Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan (Oct 2013)
� General Carter F. Ham - U.S. Army African Command (Oct 2013)
� Lieutenant General David H. Huntoon Jr. (3 Star) - U.S. Army 58th Superintendent of the US Military Academy at West Point, NY (2013)
� Command Sergeant Major Don B Jordan - U.S. Army 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (suspended Oct 2013)
� General James Mattis - U.S. Marines Chief of CentCom (May 2013)
� Colonel Daren Margolin - U.S. Marine in charge of Quantico's Security Battalion (Oct 2013)
� General Stanley McChrystal - U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan (June 2010)
� General David D. McKiernan - U.S. Army Commander Afghanistan (2009)
� General David Petraeus - Director of CIA from September 2011 to November 2012 & U.S. Army Commander International Security Assistance Force [ISAF] and
Commander U.S. Forces Afghanistan [USFOR-A] (Nov 2012)
� Brigadier General Bryan Roberts - U.S. Army Commander 2nd Brigade (May 2013)
� Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant - U.S. Marine Corps Director of Strategic Planning and Policy for the U.S. Pacific Command & Commander of Aviation Wing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan (Sept 2013)
� Colonel Eric Tilley - U.S. Army Commander of Garrison Japan (Nov 2013)
� Brigadier General Bryan Wampler - U.S. Army Commanding General of 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command [TSC] (suspended Oct 2013
Commanding Admirals fired:
� Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette - U.S. Navy Commander John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Three (Oct 2012)
� Vice Admiral Tim Giardina (3 Star, demoted to 2 Star) - U.S. Navy Deputy Commander of the US Strategic Command, Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10 (Oct 2013

Naval Officers fired: (All in 2011)
� Captain David Geisler - U.S. Navy Commander Task Force 53 in Bahrain (Oct 2011)
� Commander Laredo Bell - U.S. Navy Commander Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs , NY (Aug 2011)
� Lieutenant Commander Kurt - Boenisch-Executive Officer amphibious transport dock Ponce (Apr 2011)
� Commander Nathan Borchers - U.S. Navy Commander destroyer Stout (Mar 2011)
� Commander Robert Brown - U.S. Navy Commander Beachmaster Unit 2 Fort Story , VA (Aug 2011)
� Commander Andrew Crowe - Executive Officer Navy Region Center Singapore (Apr 2011)
� Captain Robert Gamberg - Executive Officer carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower (Jun 2011)
� Captain Rex Guinn - U.S. Navy Commander Navy Legal Service office Japan (Feb 2011)
� Commander Kevin Harms - U.S. Navy Commander Strike Fighter Squadron 137 aboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln (Mar 2011)
� Lieutenant Commander Martin Holguin - U.S. Navy Commander mine countermeasures Fearless (Oct 2011)
� Captain Owen Honors - U.S. Navy Commander aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (Jan 2011)
� Captain Donald Hornbeck - U.S. Navy Commander Destroyer Squadron 1 San Diego (Apr 2011)
� Rear Admiral Ron Horton - U.S. Navy Commander Logistics Group, Western Pacific (Mar 2011)
� Commander Etta Jones - U.S. Navy Commander amphibious transport dock Ponce (Apr 2011)
� Commander Ralph Jones - Executive Officer amphibious transport dock Green Bay (Jul 2011)
� Commander Jonathan Jackson - U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 134, deployed aboard carrier Carl
Vinson (Dec 2011)
� Captain Eric Merrill - U.S. Navy Commander submarine Emory S. Land (Jul 2011)
� Captain William Mosk - U.S. Navy Commander Naval Station Rota, U.S. Navy Commander Naval Activities Spain (Apr 2011)
� Commander Timothy Murphy - U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 129 at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island , WA (Apr 2011)
� Commander Joseph Nosse - U.S. Navy Commander ballistic-missile submarine Kentucky (Oct 2011)
� Commander Mark Olson - U.S. Navy Commander destroyer The Sullivans FL (Sep 2011)
� Commander John Pethel - Executive Officer amphibious transport dock New York (Dec 2011)
� Commander Karl Pugh - U.S. Navy Commander Electronic Attack Squadron 141 Whidbey Island , WA (Jul 2011)
� Commander Jason Strength - U.S. Navy Commander of Navy Recruiting District Nashville , TN (Jul 2011)
� Captain Greg Thomas - U.S. Navy Commander Norfolk Naval Shipyard (May 2011)
� Commander Mike Varney - U.S. Navy Commander attack submarine Connecticut (Jun 2011)
� Commander Jay Wylie - U.S. Navy Commander destroyer Momsen (Apr 2011)

Naval Officers fired: (All in 2012):
� Commander Alan C. Aber - Executive Officer Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 71 (July 2012)
� Commander Derick Armstrong - U.S. Navy Commander missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (May 2012)
� Commander Martin Arriola - U.S. Navy Commander destroyer USS Porter (Aug 2012)
� Captain Antonio Cardoso - U.S. Navy Commander Training Support Center San Diego (Sep 2012)
� Captain James CoBell - U.S. Navy Commander Oceana Naval Air Station's Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic (Sep 2012)
� Captain Joseph E. Darlak - U.S. Navy Commander frigate USS Vandegrift (Nov 2012)
� Captain Daniel Dusek - U.S. Navy Commander USS Bonhomme
� Commander David Faught - Executive Officer destroyer Chung-Hoon (Sep 2012)
� Commander Franklin Fernandez - U.S. Navy Commander Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 24 (Aug 2012)
� Commander Ray Hartman - U.S. Navy Commander Amphibious dock-landing ship Fort McHenry (Nov 2012)
� Commander Shelly Hakspiel - Executive Officer Navy Drug Screening Lab San Diego (May 2012)
� Commander Jon Haydel - U.S. Navy Commander USS San Diego (Mar 2012)
� Commander Diego Hernandez - U.S. Navy Commander ballistic-missile submarine USS Wyoming (Feb 2012)
� Commander Lee Hoey - U.S. Navy Commander Drug Screening Laboratory, San Diego (May 2012)
� Commander Ivan Jimenez - Executive Officer frigate Vandegrift (Nov 2012)
� Commander Dennis Klein - U.S. Navy Commander submarine USS Columbia (May 2012)
� Captain Chuck Litchfield - U.S. Navy Commander assault ship USS Essex (Jun 2012)
� Captain Marcia Kim Lyons - U.S. Navy Commander Naval Health Clinic New England (Apr 2012)
� Captain Robert Marin - U.S. Navy Commander cruiser USS Cowpens (Feb 2012)
� Captain Sean McDonell - U.S. Navy Commander Seabee reserve unit Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14 FL
(Nov 2012)
� Commander Corrine Parker - U.S. Navy Commander Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 1 (Apr 2012)
� Captain Liza Raimondo - U.S. Navy Commander Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River , MD (Jun 2012)
� Captain Jeffrey Riedel - Program manager, Littoral Combat Ship program (Jan 2012)
� Commander Sara Santoski - U.S. Navy Commander Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 (Sep 2012)
� Commander Kyle G. Strudthoff - Executive Officer Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 (Sep 2012)
� Commander Sheryl Tannahill - U.S. Navy Commander Navy Operational Support Center [NOSC] Nashville , TN (Sep 2012)
� Commander Michael Ward - U.S. Navy Commander submarine USS Pittsburgh (Aug 2012)
� Captain Michael Wiegand - U.S. Navy Commander Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (Nov 2012)
� Captain Ted Williams - U.S. Navy Commander amphibious command ship Mount Whitney (Nov 2012)
� Commander Jeffrey Wissel - U.S. Navy Commander of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1 (Feb 2012) Naval Officers fired: (All in 2013):
� Lieutenant Commander Lauren Allen - Executive Officer submarine Jacksonville (Feb 2013)
� Reserve Captain Jay Bowman - U.S. Navy Commander Navy Operational Support Center [NOSC] Fort Dix , NJ (Mar 2013)
� Captain William Cogar - U.S. Navy Commander hospital ship Mercy's medical treatment facility (Sept 2013)
� Commander Steve Fuller - Executive Officer frigate Kauffman (Mar 2013)
� Captain Shawn Hendricks - Program Manager for naval enterprise IT networks (June 2013)
� Captain David Hunter - U.S. Navy Commander of Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 12 & Coastal Riverine Group 2 (Feb 2013)
� Captain Eric Johnson - U.S. Navy Chief of Military Entrance Processing Command at Great Lakes Naval TrainingCenter, IL (2013)
� Captain Devon Jones - U.S. Navy Commander Naval Air Facility El Centro , CA (July 2013)
� Captain Kevin Knoop - U.S. Navy Commander hospital ship Comfort's medical treatment facility (Aug 2013)
� Lieutenant Commander Jack O'Neill - U.S. Navy Commander Operational Support Center Rock Island , IL (Mar 2013)
� Commander Allen Maestas - Executive Officer Beachmaster Unit 1 (May 2013)
� Commander Luis Molina - U.S. Navy Commander submarine Pasadena (Jan 2013)
� Commander James Pickens - Executive Officer frigate Gary (Feb 2013)
� Lieutenant Commander Mark Rice - U.S. Navy Commander Mine Countermeasures ship Guardian (Apr 2013)
� Commander Michael Runkle - U.S. Navy Commander of Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 (May 2013)
� Commander Jason Stapleton - Executive Office Patrol Squadron 4 in Hawaii (Mar 2013)
� Commander Nathan Sukols - U.S. Navy Commander submarine Jacksonville (Feb 2013)
� Lieutenant Daniel Tyler - Executive Officer Mine Countermeasures ship Guardian (Apr 2013)
� Commander Edward White - U.S. Navy Commander Strike Fighter Squadron 106 (Aug 2013)
� Captain Jeffrey Winter - U.S. Navy Commander of Carrier Air Wing 17 (Sept 2013)
� Commander Thomas Winter - U.S. Navy Commander submarine Montpelier (Jan 2013)
� Commander Corey Wofford - U.S. Navy Commander frigate Kauffman (Feb 2013)

Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented. Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are publicly speaking out about the 'purge' of the U.S. military that they believe is taking place. As you will see below, dozens of highly decorated military leaders have been dismissed from their positions over the past few years. So why is this happening? What is going on right now is absolutely crazy especially during a time of peace. Is there a deliberate attempt to reshape the military and remove those who don't adhere to the proper 'viewpoints' ? Does someone out there feel a need to get officers that won't cooperate out of the way?

Throughout world history, whatever comes next after a military purge is never good. If this continues, what is the U.S. military going to look like in a few years? Perhaps you are reading this and you think that 'purge' is too strong a word for what is taking place.

Well, just consider the following quotes from some very highly decorated retired officers:

Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely:
The White House protects their own. That's why they stalled on the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He's intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.

Retired Army Major General Patrick Brady:
There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him.

Retired Army Lt. General William G. Jerry Boykin: "Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause."

Retired Navy Captain Joseph John: "I believe there are more than 137 officers who have been forced out or given bad evaluation reports so they will never make Flag (officer), because of their failure to comply to certain views."

A Pentagon official who asked to remain nameless, because they were not authorized to speak on the matter said: "Even young officers, down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They are purging everyone and if you want to keep your job just keep your mouth shut. Now this trend appears to be accelerating."

General Vallely's comment:
Coincidence? Every communist regime on the planet did this as soon as they gained power. I am doing my part by sending this email, I hope you will do the same.

Paul (General Paul) Vallely


 Here's some Norinco 'Goodies' NEEDED for #JadeHelm15 RESISTANCE !!!







Here's some Norinco 'Goodies' NEEDED for #JadeHelm15 RESISTANCE !!!
Also, due to the FACT that Obama's got MOST of America SO BROKE (paying for Obamacare...)
that they can't buy any Guns or Ammo (right now),
except for the few who have LOTS of $$$
on hand & then July 15th HAPPENS !!!
Texas and Utah Declared ‘Hostile’ by 'Team Obama' with 'Operation Jade Helm 15' !!!
JADE = "Joint Assistance for Development & Execution"
HELM = "Homeland Eradication of Local Militants" !!!
ATF at Waco photo atfWaco.jpg


Another alarming aspect of this document is that it goes so far as to declare the states of

Texas and Utah as ‘hostile’. That’s right, within this document our federal government has

declared entire states as hostile to the rest of America, or at least to feds themselves.

These states are of course known to contain a large amount of veterans and Constitutionalists,

both declared by our government as potentially being ‘domestic terrorists’ and a greater threat

than even ISIS an other Islamic radical groups.

Is this a preparation for a military takeover of these states?

Do you have PLENTY of 'Non-Perishable' Food, Water, Guns & Ammo in preparation for

the 'Martial Law' that 'Jade HELM 15' could become this Summer ???

 From July 15th to September 15th of 2015, the U.S. military will be conducting a

massive military drill throughout 9 states in an operation entitled 'Jade Helm 15'.

 This rather alarming drill across the entire American Southwest will include

the US Army's Green Berets, US Marines Special Ops Command, US Navy Seals,

and US Air Force Special Ops Command.

 The stated purpose of the drill contradicts how this unprecedented exercise

will actually be carried out.

 Combine this with the document labeling entire U.S. states as 'hostile'

leaves one with a sinking feeling !!!

 �Jade Helm15 is a challenging eight-week joint military and Interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW)

exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.�

This is a massive rehearsal for�martial law�implementation as well as implementing the proverbial and much

rumored 'Red and Blue' List and the �snatch and grab� extractions of key resistance figures from the Independent Media

as well as uncooperative political figures.

 A Houston Chronicle report�reveals that soldiers will attempt to blend in with the local population in an effort to test the effectiveness of infiltration techniques. Residents will be advised to report �suspicious activity� during the exercise.

�They�re going to set up cells of people and test how well they�re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,� said Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff�s Office. �They�re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.�

By directly involving unwitting members of the local population, this aspect of the drill contradicts the�Army�s assertion�that, �The public can expect nothing much different from their day-to-day activities since much of exercise will be conducted in remote areas.�

Jim Stewart, chief deputy with the Brazos County Sheriff�s Office, told the Chronicle that the designation of Texas as �hostile territory� was merely a way of setting up a role playing exercise under which soldiers operate behind enemy lines.

UPDATE:��Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have now been added to the list,

bringing the total number of states participating to 9.

 UPDATE 4/13/15: Colorado has opted out of Jade Helm.


Holder 'Fast & Furious' photo Holder.jpg
Help the FBI Catch the "AK-47 Bandit", a Violent Bank Robber
who shot a Cop & EARN UP to a $100,000 REWARD !!!
Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of Investigation  

 During what authorities believe was his first bank robbery nearly three years ago in Chino, California, the AK-47 Bandit—so named because he carries an assault rifle during takeover-style robberies—shot and seriously wounded a police officer while making his escape. Since then, he has robbed or attempted to rob five more banks, most recently in August, when he hit a rural bank in Nebraska.



Screenshot of AK-47 Bandit Poster
View poster

Reward in the AK-47 Bandit Case

The reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the AK-47 Bandit is being offered collectively by multiple entities, including the FBI ($50,000); the city of Chino, California ($20,000); the East Idaho Credit Union, City of Rexburg, Idaho ($20,000); and the California Bank & Trust in Chino ($10,000).



“He has shown he is not afraid to shoot someone, and experience tells us he is not going to stop robbing banks until we catch him,” said Special Agent Kevin Boles, who is working the case out of our Los Angeles Field Office. “We feel like we are racing the clock on this guy,” Boles said. “If we don’t get him soon, things could end badly and someone else might get hurt.”

 That’s why we are asking for the public’s help and renewing our publicity campaign regarding this violent criminal. There is a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the AK-47 Bandit.

 Here is what we know:

 He is a white male, approximately 25 to 40 years old, about 6 feet tall, with light-colored eyes and a stocky build.

  • During robberies he wears a dark balaclava ski mask, body armor, and black gloves.
  • He carries an AK-47 assault rifle with a drum magazine.
  • In several of the robberies, his getaway car was a dark gray four-door Nissan Maxima with chrome accents, model year 2009-2011.
  • The robberies occurred on February 29, 2012, in Chino (California Bank & Trust); March 12, 2012, in Vacaville, California (Bank of the West); July 6, 2012, in North Bend, Washington (Chase Bank); November 7, 2012, in Rexburg, Idaho (East Idaho Credit Union); and August 22, 2014, in Nebraska City, Nebraska (First Nebraska Bank). There was also an attempted robbery on March 9, 2012, in Sacramento, California, at the Tri-Cities Bank.


 Police believe the variety of surveillance video from the robberies—and a voice recording—may help the public identify this criminal. “We truly believe that someone knows this suspect, whether they are familiar with his physique, his voice, his vehicle, or even some of the apparel he’s wearing during the robberies,” said Bill Lewis, assistant director in charge of our Los Angeles Field Office during a 2013 press conference announcing the reward offer. “We are hoping citizens will take notice, look a little closer, and think a little harder about whether they have information that could break this case.”



Anyone with information about the AK-47 Bandit’s identity or whereabouts is urged to contact investigators at the toll-free number 1-800-CALL-FBI or send an e-mail to . Information can be provided confidentially.


Bank surveillance photographs of the vehicle and the suspect can be found at the Chino Police Department’s website: http://www.chinopd.org. Additional bank surveillance photos and videos can be found on the FBI’s wanted poster.


Billboard advertising has also been donated to assist with the publicity campaign. Digital ads, including bank surveillance images, the reward offer, and the toll-free number, are running in the Los Angeles region and other areas where robberies occurred. The FBI’s social media channels are helping to publicize the case as well.

 “This guy attempted to murder a police officer,” Boles said. “There is no telling what

he is capable of. We need to get him off the streets for everyone’s safety.”

- Los Angeles press release
- Wanted poster

- Wanted by the FBI podcast
- Chino Police Department website

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New MP-44 Sturmgewehr Rifles Coming to the US!

1 17
EL BE Tac semiauto MP-44

MP-44: the father of the modern assault rifle

Yep, that’s right – we will finally again have access to museum-quality new semiauto MP-44 Sturmgewehr rifles from Germany! I spent some time yesterday speaking with Lars Brüggemann with EL BE Tac, who is the US distributor for these rifles, and the prospects are very exciting. A full line of reproduction semiauto German WWII rifles will be coming to the US, starting with the MP-44 and MP-38. The ATF has already approved the designs for these two, which is the biggest obstacle to bringing in guns like these.

There were no samples at the show, as importation is still pending permit approval (the guns have to come into the US in a sporting configuration to comply with import law), but the first guns should be here during the summer. Unlike the somewhat infamous PTR-44 debacle from several years ago, these new guns will use materials and heat treat fully up to modern spec.

EL BE Tac MP-38

MP38: The classic German WWII submachine gun

The MP-44 will be offered in 7.92×33 (8mm Kurz) only, and will accept original MP-44 magazines. The MP-38 is a closed-bolt conversion and will be sold as a pistol, with a stock fixed in the folded position (but repairable for folks who was to file SBR papers for them). Exact prices are not yet determined, but the MP-44 will likely be around the $5,000 mark. A lot of money to be sure, but an awesome opportunity to have the rifle that is truly the inspiration behind today’s entire combat rifle concept. Stay tuned for a first look at the guns when they arrive here in the States!

- See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/01/22/new-mp-44-sturmgewehr-rifles-coming-us/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2015-01-27&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter#sthash.uM2qrRed.dpuf
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First off, LOOK at this 'Wannabe AK Expert', Jim Grant's 'Mixed-Value' AK Advice 
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Editor’s Note: This post was written by Jim Grant, who we’re happy to welcome to the growing team of Lucky Gunner Lounge

contributing writers. Jim has been a prolific writer in the shooting world for the last few years, and if you’re

a regular reader of gun blogs, you’ve probably seen his work before. Check out Jim’s bio page for more about his background.

Looking for a inexpensive blaster with a legendary reputation for reliability, close ties to history

and an appetite for inexpensive hard-hitting rounds? How about a diehard bug out gun

with more than 60 years of battlefield-proven effectiveness chambered in a round with ballistics close to a 30-30?

The answer is the same but also different. The AKM. With enough variants to fill countless

tomes of information, buying an AK can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, shooters

can simplify it by answering a few simple questions on what they expect and need out of their first Soviet lead-slinger.

The first thing shooters should do when deciding on a Kalashnikov rifle is figure out

what they want to do with their AK. Most would-be AK buyers fit into one of two categories:

practical shooters and shooters in love with the idea of an AK-47.

The former group has a much easier time buying a first rifle because certain variants objectively

perform better than others. The second group is more tricky, since they’ll have to decide what a “true” AK is to them.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent options (?) to choose from for either of these groups.

We’re going to look at a few select rifles that might be considered “high-end” performance AKs

as well as a few bare-bones AKs. And finally, there are a couple of American-made AKs that fall

more toward the “performance” end of the spectrum but with more of a bias toward modularity.

Performance AKs

If you count yourself among the form follows function group, your choices are narrowed to three companies: Arsenal, Izhmash and Molot.

(Valmet AK's from Finland - which are no longer produced - BEAT ALL the AK's LISTED ABOVE !!!)

Depending on which aspect of the rifle’s performance is most important to a shooter, they can further hone this selection down to a single company.

Russian VEPR

Russian VEPR 7.62x54R
Russian VEPR 7.62x54R

If accuracy is the most important property for your ideal AK, a Molot VEPR is the ideal rifle for you.

Built on the same heavy-duty receiver as the Russian military’s RPK, a light machine gun,

the VEPR is built to standards far exceeding those of mil-spec rifles. Additionally, VEPR rifles

use heavier barrel profiles, and are available in multiple barrel lengths.

The problem with VEPR rifles is the cost of ownership, and limited aftermarket support.

Due to the design of its handguard and receiver, the Molot VEPR uses its own proprietary

furniture and magazines. So unlike shooters who opt for a mil-spec gun, VEPR-owners won’t

have access to the robust, inexpensive parts market. The rifle can be modified to utilize standard

AK-47/AKM magazines, but this requires some mechanical knowhow as well as the legal

savviness to ensure the rifle then meets the requirements of 922r.

Russian Saiga

Arsenal SGL 5.45x39
Arsenal SGL 5.45×39

Practical shooters who want a thoroughbred Russian AK rifle should pick up

an Izhmash Saiga rifle converted by a reputable AK builder. (I wouldn't include Century...)

 A couple of those builders are Arsenal of Las Vegas, Kreb’s Customs or Legion USA.

Since the recent ban of further imports, this is going to be a more costly option than in years past.

Though given their Russian heritage and ever-shrinking supply, these rifles will undoubtedly increase in value if properly maintained.

If cost of ownership and parts compatibility isn’t important to you, you can leave

the Saiga in its imported, hunting configuration. These shooters are restricted to low-capacity magazines

and have limited furniture options, since the trigger assembly is located further back than standard AK rifles.

While standard capacity magazines do exist for unconverted Saiga carbines,

it’s illegal for shooters to use them without first ensuring they have enough US-made parts to meet 922r compliance.

Bulgarian SLR

This leaves one final option for performance junkies; Arsenal of Las Vegas. Arsenal builds and imports AK-pattern rifles from Russia and Bulgaria.

(Wrong Jimbo, as the DEAL' between Saiga & Arsenal Inc. of Las Vegas ENDED in December of 2013,

when John Kerry gave the 'Kalashnikov Concern' [The New Name of Saiga of Ishvesk, Russia]

a permit to bring in 200,000 'Sporter AK's' through their RWC [Russian Weapons Corporation]

- thus ENDING the 'Fime Group' building Saiga SGL-21 & SGL-31 'Military Style' AKs in Las Vegas from Russian Parts.)

Arsenal may be best known for their SLR-series of Bulgarian carbines, which are

near-perfect facsimiles of their full-auto brethren. These rifles are on par with Saiga carbines in

terms of fit, finish and accuracy – though both are slightly inferior to VEPR rifles. Though cost of

ownership on both Arsenal and converted Izhmash rifles is exceptionally low; most magazines are under $20 and only the folding-stock variants

of either require special parts. The fixed-stock versions of both utilize standard AKM-pattern

furniture which is both plentiful and inexpensive.

One additional bonus for shooters living in areas with an assault weapons ban

in place is that pre-ban magazines are plentiful for AKM rifles, and thus both of these guns.

Form vs. Function vs. Price

The reason people who want a traditional AK might not want any of the above rifles,

deals primarily with their furniture types. Where most people imagine a wood-stocked, all-steel

war-machine when imagining an AK-47, modern examples of the rifle utilize polymer

furniture instead. Which is objectively superior in terms of performance and weight savings,

though is detracts from the classic AK appearance. Another reason shooters might shy away from these three markers is price.

Most buyers assume AK rifles are inexpensive, crudely-made weapons. Extrapolating

that their rugged appearance and loose tolerances are responsible for the carbine’s legendary

reliability and affordability in the past. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The AK rifles of yesteryear were affordable because they were constructed by a country

that had inexpensive labor costs and previously-existing machinery for the guns.

That lowered the price of the units, since they were cheap to produce and cheap to tool up for.

This is important because shooters looking at more recent offerings from Arsenal or Legion

(Again, Jimbo FAILS to REALIZE that 'Saiga Legion' series AK's are No Longer Built !!!)

while only hearing internet legends of $60 SKS rifles and $99 Norinco MAK-90s will

experience sticker shock. Most Arsenal AK rifles are close to or exceed $1000.

Are they worth it? I believe so, but I like owning a gun that not only runs reliability,

but also hits what I’m aiming at while providing peace of mind that I’ve purchased a military-grade AK.

Bare Bones AKs

What about shooters who simply want to plink or have a man-accurate carbine out to 200 yards?

These shooters are part of the earlier group mentioned, those in love with the idea of an AK rifle.

There’s nothing wrong with that, my first semi-automatic rifle was a Romanian WASR-10.

I purchased it because of its reputation for reliability, and because it looked cool as hell.

('Looked Cool as Hell' = the 'True mark' of an AK 'Newbie' & if Jimbo thinks WASR-10's are 'So Reliable'

- maybe he should SELL AK Parts, or have kids coming to him at Gun Shows with WASR-10 AK's

they just bought & they have PROBLEMS with & their FFL Dealer won't do anything but GIVE them

Century Arm's address & then they FIND OUT that Century wants the WASR sent back 'UPS 2nd Day Air' at a COST of $70 or MORE !!!)

So for shooters who either want a classic AK or simply a more affordable option,

there are several makes available. Since several builders offer their services using American-made

receivers and foreign part kits, I’m going to recommend rifles based on the origin of their

parts kit and their builder; since both are equally important.

(Hey Jimbo, AK47World recommends that AK buyers STICK with the 'Foreign Arsenal-Built'

AK's for Reliability & Quality Manufacture !!!)

While the Soviet Union has several satellite nations it saw fit to equip with Avtomats, only a

handful have been imported to the US in substantial numbers. Other variants do exist,

but they are often much more expensive because of their rarity, not increased quality.

That said any of the following make for good, reliable weapons if properly assembled. (???)

Romanian WASR

Century Arms WASR
Century Arms WASR - here 'Jimbo' talks of the WASR-10, but SHOWS the picture of a SAR-1 ???

The least expensive classic-appearance option is the most prolific semi-automatic Kalashnikov

pattern rifle in the United States, the WASR, or Wassenaar Arrangement Semiautomatic Rifles.

Notorious for their inaccuracy and poor build quality, (Ya Think, Jimbo - who DENIES THIS FACT) 

these rifles are responsible for the majority of the internet myths (You're the 'internet Myth', Jimbo!) 

surrounding imported AK rifles today.

Just like everything else on the net, the reports surrounding them are grossly exaggerated

and often totally incorrect.

(Jim Grant BULLSHIT - as he won't 'Buy Up' ALL the WASR-10's that have problems !!!)

While it’s true that many of the rifles imported by Century Arms

suffered from canted iron sights, (Wrong again Jimbo, as the Crooked Sights were MOSTLY on Century's old Yugo M70AB2 assembled from original Yugo Military AK's in the USA =between 2000 & 2005 = Duuuhhhh !!!

  This wasn’t due to anything Century themselves did. Most people fail to realize that during the height of the purported built issues, Century simply widened the magazine well for double-stack mags, and never touched the barrel or sights.

(Wrong again, Jimmy Grant - as again you FAIL to know your subject & those 'Simple magazine

widening Jobs' Century did = just do a YouTube SEARCH for: "WASR-10 Wobble"

to see HOW WRONG Jim Grant REALLY IS !!!)

Still, this reflects poorly on the rifle’s reputation, and rightfully so. Older builds from around the year 2001,

were hurriedly built once the AWB ended, in anticipation of huge orders. Newer models rarely

suffer from canted sights or severe magazine wobble, but shooters should closely inspect

any WASR they intend to buy in person, if possible.

(Do they get to take it out for a 'Test Drive' 1st, Jimmy ???)

Serbian N-PAP

N-PAP DF with folding stock and drum magazine

An additional Century-imported option is the Serbian PAP rifle. Featuring a more robust

receiver and a stainless steel barrel, PAP rifle build-quality is above the majority of AK rifles on the market.

(Except for the PAP's 'Short Bolt' that was made for Single-Stack Mags Problems

and their Narrow Trunnions & some with 'Magazine Fit' problems, and the FACT that Jimmy 'Forgot'

to mention that Zastava PAP AK's don't have Chrome-Line Bores/Chambers like MOST ComBloc made AK's do = BAD !!!)

They use standard AKM magazines and pistol grips, but that’s where the similarities to AK rifles end.

Yes, they operate identically to AKM or AK-47 carbines, but when Serbia was still Yugoslavia,

the military decided to modify the Kalashnikov design to better suit their armed forces’ needs.

This presents an issue in terms of cost of ownership, and aftermarket parts availability.

While the most important accessory, magazines, are interchangeable; handguards,

dust covers buttstocks and side rails aren’t.

Shooters who are happy to use their AK as it comes from the factory, can safely buy the PAP, a few magazines and be happy.

Though anyone who wants access to the robust AK accessory market, should steer clear of this variant,

because most AK parts are either incompatible or require extensive modification to fit the rifle.

Hungarian AK63D

Hungarian AK63D
Hungarian AK63D

Another classic option also imported by Century Arms, is their new AK63D rifle. This rifle is built

from a stamped receiver Hungarian AK63 parts kit on a new Century C39v2 milled receiver.

It may be a franken-rifle, but it’s extraordinarily well-built, and uses stamped AK furniture. So kitting out the rifle won’t require special parts.

The only difference between Hungarian rifles and other country’s AKs, is the pistol grip and muzzle brake.

While the Century 63D lacks the tank-style brake commonly found of AMD-65 Hungarian side-folding

select-fire rifles, it still retains the odd pistol grip design.

Thankfully, shooters who don’t find the odd grip appealing, can simply replace it

with any standard AKM pistol grip. The stock on these rifles, however is an underfolding type, which actually requires a special receiver or rear trunnion.

(AK47World advises to LOOK for 'Real Hungarian' F.E.G. made SA-85M AK's in Pawn Shops & Online Auctions!)

Chinese MAK 90, Egyptian Maadi

Two other semi-common rifles are Egyptian Maadi rifles and Chinese MAK 90 carbines.

The Egyptian rifles are identifiable by their arabic inscriptions, but are otherwise basically

the same as any other AKM carbine. Some models, like the ARM variant, use a thumbhole stock, but are far less common.

As for the Chinese MAK 90 or Type 56 rifles, these rifles are as near to a Russian-built AK carbine as anything ever imported.

(Wrong again Jimmy, as ALL Chinese AK's have 'Double-Hook' Triggers & Hammers,

with 1.5mm Receivers, that Russian AKM Rifles [stamped receivers] do not have!)

Earlier models featured standard AK stocks, pistol grips and even iconic folding spike bayonets.

Later models did away with these features in favor of a thumbhole stock and featureless barrel

(one lacking a bayonet lug and threaded muzzle) to comply with an importation ban on Chinese weapons.

While a very capable rifle, they are cost prohibitive since they haven’t been imported

into the united states since 1994, when the assault weapon ban listed them by name.

(Wrong yet again Jimmy, as Chinese AK's were HALTED by Bill Clinton's May 22, 1994 Executive Order

- not the Sept. 13, 1994 'Crime Bill' that did mention 'So-Called AW's' by name !!!)

These rifles only differ from standard AKM carbines in their inclusion of a hinged spike bayonet and hooded front sight post.

American AKs

Shooters who value modularity above all else will be happy to know many all-American

AK rifle-makers exist who produce unconventional, but more versatile AKM carbines. (???)



The first, is a relative newcomer to the AK market, Destructive Devices Industries, or DDI.

They produce both a stamped and milled-receiver AKM rifle derived from Bulgarian SLR carbines.

(Uhhh Jimmy, 'Milled-Receiver' Bulgarian AK's are SAM-7's, not the Stamped SLR series = Duuuuhhh!!!!)

The former of which are available from the factory with American-made Hogue rubber furniture

and XS big-dot iron sights – a far cry from the post and notch standard featured on all other AK rifles.

The other thing that separates DDI from other makers is the finish they use on their rifles.

A result of a proprietary super-heating process, DDI carbines have a flat dark grey outer-finish

called Fenocite. The surface is ultra-hard and resists most solvents as well as rust.

(Again, AK47World advises to STICK to 'Foreign-Built' AK's, as the AK is a Foreign Weapon to begin with !!!)

Century Arms C39v2

Century Arms C39v2
Century Arms C39v2

When it comes to unconventional AKs, the Century C39v2 wrote the book.

Utilizing a strange amalgamation of milled-receiver-specific and stamped-specific parts,

the C39v2 is a strange Chimera of an AK.

That said, it also has one of the smoothest actions, safety levers and magazine release paddles

available on AK rifles. It also ships with American-made Magpul AK PMAGs, one of the best domestic AK magazines in existence.

Century also produces a stamped version, the RAS-47, that differs from the C39 by the

inclusion of a Century-specific side rail, use of AKM furniture and a more traditional slant muzzle brake.

The AK Golden Age

20 years ago buying an AK was a crap shoot; most gunsmiths wouldn’t touch them,

and aftermarket support was basically non-existent. Today, thanks to the sunset of the

Federal Assault Weapons Ban and the age of Youtube, AK rifles are more popular than ever.

Due to the ever-increasing market size of AK vendors, most companies that produced

sub-par products have gone the way of the dinosaur. Which is obviously great news for the consumer,

as they now have a substantially lower risk of purchasing a lemon. Those that do, benefit from

the increasing popularity of heavily-warrantied products that social-media-savvy consumers can

enforce with a single photograph. The days of ultra-cheap AKs may have ended, but the era

of quality domestically-built ones is only just getting started.

 (So is Jimmy offering to 'Buy Back' all the 'New Crop' of AK's here that he PRETENDS are 'ALL OK' = NOT !!!)
OMG this is too Funny - as the 'Board Fairies' are ALWAYS doubting Dan King, the owner of AK47World.com's knowledge & advice to 'Buy Foreign Arsenal Built AK's' - saying on the 'Board Fairy Rants' that Dan King, the owner of AK47World doesn't know what I'm talking about when it comes to AK's...

  Oh Really 'Board Fairies' - since AKs are a Foreign Origin Weapon & the BEST AK's come from the actual 'Military Arsenals' over there!

 "My Interarms ak74 goes BOOM"

 "Hey guys. After looking for an AK74, I decided to purchase an Interarms AK74 made out of matching Bulgarian parts from Atlantic Firearms. After several hundred flawless rounds, the rifle randomly exploded on me while firing it. It almost certainly seems to be a headspacing issue, (this is the general consensus of anyone who has seen the rifle).
  The rifle wasn't being ran hard at all. It was properly lubricated and cleaned. It wasn't a squib load, as i was shooting at a metal steel plate and i heard the ringing of the plate from the previous round fired... 
  When the gun exploded, the receiver expanded near the magwell and barrel, and the top cover bent and blew off, directly into my face. The explosion also destroyed my new Circle 21 magazine. I was shooting by myself in a somewhat secluded area. If the gun inflicted serious injury on me, I would have surely been in a very bad situation.
  I would also like to add the the action never cycled during the explosion, instead the bolt carrier just hopped the railing vertically. 
  I decided to call the people i purchased the rifle from, Atlantic Firearms, and told them what had occurred. I promptly got a response back from Blaine, and although sympathetic, basically told me that since I had owned the rifle for roughly 6 months, it was too late for him to be willing to take it back and for me to contact Interarms. 
  I thought this argument was rather silly as I have only ran 300 rounds through this firearm in total (a very premature round count) and they were the ones who sold me the defective firearm to begin with. I could see this argument if the gun had a high round count, but thats like having a new car for 6 months and only putting 200 miles on it, then having something go terribly wrong.
  The gun would never feed hollow points (wolf), but would run everything else fine. When the gun exploded, i was shooting silver bear 60gr."

See 'Boys & Girls' = Just as 'Dan King', the owner of AK47World TRIES to TELL the 'Hard headed' = the Best AK's are the one's MADE in 'Foreign Arsenals' by SKILLED Craftsmen who have been building AKs for 50+ Years  - as LOTS of those whom I told to buy AK's, like the Chinese MAK-90, NHM-90; Hungarian SA-85M; K-VAR; Maadi ARM, RPM & RML Models, Mitchell Arms 'Real Yugo AK's'; Romanian MK-1, WUM-1, CUR-1 & SAR-1 - are STILL shooting their AK's 'Trouble Free' after more than 20 years of use !!!

Even better though, is Atlantic Firearms 'BS Excuse' that the USE of 'Steel-Cased AK Ammo' VOIDS their Warranty? = which is CONTRARY to what Mikhail Kalashnikov DESIGNED AKs to RUN on & WHY the Israeli SEAL Team ('Shayetet 13') uses AK-47's http://israelmilitary.net/showthread.php?t=10586 for their 'Steel Cased Ammo' in the Harsh Salt-Water & SAND environment of the Red Sea versus Galil Style AK's that use 'Wimpy Brass Cased NATO Ammo' - Duuuhhhh & NOW you KNOW WHY AK47World DOES NOT RECOMMEND some of AK's offered by Atlantic Firearms, as they SELL some Good AKs, like the Arsenal Brand of Bulgaria, but 'others' ???

 Here's what the 'Board Fairy' above said, "*should i remove the silver bear steel cased catridge out of the chamber? I am afraid that since i wasnt shooting their recommended brand of "brass cased 5.45x39" this will void their replacement warranty."


To Earn up to $2500 for the Return of these STOLEN Weapons !!!

Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Stolen Gun
PKM Serial Number: 'GL905'
Reporting Agency:West Palm Beach Police Department
Agency Case #:09-0023017
Date of Theft:12/18/2009
Gun Make:MOSIN-NAGANT (actually Wise-Lite/MarcolMar)
Gun Model:PKM
Gun Type:RIFLE

REWARD for Wise-Lite PKM s/n 'GL905' + Other Guns !

ATF & FBI Scared FFL 'Bruce' from Keeping these Guns in his Gun Store in Davie, Florida

These guns were previously displayed in a gun store in Davie, FL. - but FBI & ATF both visited him together - alleging these guns were to overthrow the 'Kenyan' (yeah right with 'semi auto guns...) ???

So FFL wanted guns removed & thanks to ATF & FBI for causing a 'massive Crime Spree' with homicides, car-jackings & home invasions that were done with weapons that were previously safe in an FFL's store safe until ridiculous the Fed's 'Bogeyman' Conspiracy intimidation scared the FFL !!!

$2,000 REWARD for RETURN of Wise-lite/Marcolmar Semi-Auto PKM Serial # GL905 that W. Palm Beach Police listed as a 'Moisin-Nagant' on NCIC because they're & REFUSE to correct to PKM - just as they refused to investigate THEFT & now ATF says other guns (AK's & RPK's) have been involved in homicides - like two Circle K clerks killed for $65 in April 2010 & vast crime spree...

1. Semi-Auto version of Russian PKM Machine Gun (Google: 'Marcolmar PKM') serial #GL905
2. Poly-Tech M-14S serial # 16292 - Large high-power Leatherwood scope - Fiberglass Vietnam stock
3. Bulgarian SA-M7 (milled-receiver AK-47) s/n # AB050302 & Ace Side-folding tubular stock
4. Egyptian Maadi RPM model (RPK - long barrel AK-47 Sporter) serial # CT-05375
5. Romanian SAR-1 (AKM) 7.62 x 39mm s/n unknown - with horse-like symbol painted on buttstock
6. Norinco SKS-D model that accepts standard AK-47 mags s/n unknown

A $2,500 reward is NOW being offered for the arrest & conviction of those who TOOK these rifles from a vehicle parked at a Public Storage facility in W. Palm Beach, Florida sometime between Thanksgiving 2009 & Dec. 18, 2009.

For the REWARDS - call either (786) 261-9273 or (720) 940-1458 - and for the arrest of the person(s) who took the guns - call 911 and reference W. Palm Beach, Florida Police Department case # 09-23017.

Two charged in Circle-K homicides

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Two men are accused in the murder of a two convenience store clerks in Greenacres that happened last April.

Robert W. Alvarez and Darnell Razz both face two counts of first degree murder and numerous other charges for the homicide.

The two are accused of being part of a wider crime ring, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. They announced the arrests along with six others in a news conference on Friday morning. The eight men face multiple counts as part of a crime spree that included multiple home invasion robberies, a third homicide, and an attempted homicide. The eight men face 28 counts of racketeering and other charges for the alleged crime spree that took place between April 30th and June 8th of 2010 throughout Palm Beach County.

Alvarez and Razz could face the death penalty if convicted of first degree homicide. The other six suspects face possible life sentences.

Below are the detailed charges, courtesy of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

ROBERT W. ALVAREZ - 1 Count of Racketeering – 895.02(4) and 895.03(3) (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Conspiracy To Commit Racketeering – 777.04(3), 895.02, 895.03 and 895.04 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 2 Counts of Robbery With a Firearm – 775.087(2)(a)(1), 775.087(2)(a)(2), 775.087(2)(a)(3), 812.13(1) & (2)(a) (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 1 Count of Attempt to Commit Robbery With a Firearm - 775.087(2)(a)1, 777.04(1) and 812.13(1) & (2)(a) (2 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 Years in Prison; 3 Counts of Kidnapping With a Firearm - 790.001, 787.01(1)(a) & (2), 775.087(1) and 775.087(2)(a)1 (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 1 Count of Carjacking With a Firearm - 775.087(2)(a)1 and 812.133(1) & (2)(a) (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 3 Counts of Home Invasion Robbery With a Firearm - 790.001, 775.087(1), 775.087(2)(a)1 and 812.135 (L F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 2 Counts of Conspiracy To Commit Home Invasion Robbery With a Firearm - 775.087(1), 775.087(2)(a)1, and 812.135 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Attempt to Commit Home Invasion Robbery With a Firearm - 790.001, 775.087(2)(a)1, 775.087(1), 777.04(1) and 812.135 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years in Prison; 1 Count of Aggravated Assault On A Police Officer - 775.0823(10), 784.07(2)(c) and 784.021 (2 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 years In Prison; 1 Count of Grand Theft (Motor Vehicle) - 812.014(1) & (2)(c) (3 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 5 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Dealing In Stolen Property - 812.019(1) (2 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 Years In Prison and 1 Count of False Verification of Ownership - 538.04(4)(b) (2 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 Years In Prison – TOTAL POSSIBLE MAXIMUM SENTENCE: 9 Life Sentences + 215 Years.

DARNELL RAZZ - 1 Count of Racketeering – 895.02(4) and 895.03(3) (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Conspiracy To Commit Racketeering – 777.04(3), 895.02, 895.03 and 895.04 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Attempted First Degree Murder With A Firearm - 777.04(1), 782.04(1)(a)(2) and 775.087(1) & (2) (L F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison and 1 Count of Robbery With a Firearm – 775.087(2)(a)(1), 775.087(2)(a)(2), 775.087(2)(a)(3), 812.13(1) & (2)(a) (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison - TOTAL POSSIBLE MAXIMUM SENTENCE: 2 Life Sentences.


 Now the 'LIBS' at the Verge.com are TRYING to get eBay to HALT ALL AK & AR Parts Sales oneBay - as if GangMembers 'Fix Up' dey Gats before they KILL people ???


  'Dumbocrap Logic, or lack thereof..."????????

A new report from Reveal has found that parts for assault weapons are being regularly
sold on eBay, despite the online marketplace banning these items....

AK-47 maker Kalashnikov gives rifles makeover

Images of new-look Kalashnikov
The weapons manufacturer hopes its re-branded guns will attract foreign buyers
The Russian manufacturer of the AK-47 assault rifle has unveiled a new look for its guns, as well as a new logo, at a glitzy event in Moscow.

The company is also branching out into fashion, launching a line of branded survival gear.

The firm, which relies heavily on the export market, is among the targets of Western sanctions imposed over Russia's role in the Ukraine conflict.

The Kalashnikov, or AK-47, is one of the world's most recognizable weapons.

The gun is relatively cheap as well as easy to manufacture and maintain, contributing to its popularity with guerrilla forces and national armies in Asia and Africa.

It is thought that more than 100 million Kalashnikov rifles have been sold worldwide. The inventor of the rifle, Soviet Lt-Gen Mikhail Kalashnikov, died last year.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the Kalashnikov assault rifle
Kalashnikov designed the AK-47 after being wounded fighting for the Red Army

At Tuesday's event in Moscow, the manufacturer - now known as 'Kalashnikov Concern' - revealed a new logo featuring the letters 'K and C'.

Women in tight black dresses wandered around holding AK-47 ammunition cartridges, while an orchestra played patriotic Russian classics, the Moscow Times reported.

According to the website of Russia Today, the manufacturer also has two new slogans - "Protecting Peace" in English, and "Weapons of Peace" in Russian.

The company says it sold 140,000 guns in 2014 - double the figure for the previous year.

Kalashnikov CEO Alexei Krivoruchko said the firm intended to modernize production with a view to making 300,000 weapons annually by 2020.

Western sanctions have reportedly stalled an order for some 200,000 rifles intended for sale in the US and Canada.

"The US market was very important for us," the Moscow Times quoted Mr Krivoruchko as saying.

The sanctions have also led to the cancellation of a marketing campaign featuring Hollywood action hero Steven Seagal, Agence France-Presse reports.


Where to find your 'Select-Fire' (Full-Auto) AK-47 markings…



Second: What the markings mean…



G.I. .45ACP 1911 Mags photo GI45mags.jpg
Brand New G.I. Issue 7 Round 1911 .45ACP mags - SOLD OUT on 11-15-2014 !!!
 10 Round Romanian PSL Mag photo 10roundPSLmag.jpg
  Important Notice: 'SOLD OUT' of Romanian PSL-54C mags !!!
20 Examples of the Violent Legacy of Obama & Holder's "Fast and Furious" Gun-Running to be used as an EXCUSE to ban Semi-Auto Weapons in the USA!
(Image above: 42 weapons recovered by Mexican military in Naco, Sonora, Mexico, 20 Nov 2009. Operation Fast and Furious suspect Uriel Patino bought 19 of the weapons one to two weeks earlier. From: Justice Dept. Inspector General)
Since 2011, the Justice Department has refused repeated requests from Congress and the news media to fully disclose details of incidents involving guns that had been illegally trafficked to Mexican drug cartels under the watch of U.S. agents in Operation Fast and Furious. The partial list below was compiled using available information.
Known crimes linked to “walked” weapons:
Deaths: 43
  • 2 U.S. federal agents
  • 3 Mexican police
  • 1 terrorist torture/kidnaping/murder in Mexico
Attempted murders or injuries: 3
  • 1 in Mexico; 2 in U.S.
Kidnapings: 4 (all in Mexico)
Assaults/Shootouts: 4 incidents
  • 2 in Mexico against military; 2 in U.S. against Phoenix law enforcement
1. Nov. 14, 2009 Mexican Kidnaping Crime Scene
One AK-47 type assault rifle purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect was recovered in Atoyac de Alvarez, Mexico after the Mexican military rescued a kidnap victim.
2. Dec. 9, 2009 Cartel Crime Scene Seizure in Mexico
Mexican Army recovered 900 pounds of cocaine, 132 pounds of methamphetamine, $2 million U.S. dollars and 48 firearms in Mexicali, Mexico.  Twenty of the weapons had been purchased by Fast and Furious suspects.
Mexicali seizure
Mexicali seizure of Fast and Furious weapons, Nov. 2009. Photo: Justice Dept. Inspector General
3. Dec. 18, 2009 Crime Scene in Mexico
Mexican law enforcement agents recovered five firearms in Tijuana, Mexico, four of which had been originally purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect.
4. Date unknown, 2010 Mexican Men Assault Phoenix Detectives
Arizona state police revealed that two guns from Fast and Furious were found in an arrest involving two Mexican men who assaulted detectives outside Phoenix in 2010. Nobody was seriously hurt.
5. Jan. 8, 2010 Mexican Army Seizure
Two weapons purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect were recovered as part of a 14-gun seizure by the Mexican Army in Tijuana, Mexico.
Seizure of Fast and Furious Weapons at Tohono O’odham Indian reservation, Arizona, Feb. 20, 2010. Photo: Dept. of Justice Inspector General
6. Feb. 20, 2010 U.S. Crime Scene Seizure
Agents in Arizona at the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation seized 37 AK-47 style weapons purchased ten days earlier by a Fast and Furious suspect.
7. Feb. 26 and 27, 2010 Cartel Weapons Seizures in Mexico
ATF notified U.S. Attorney’s office of two large recovery incidents in Mexico that believed to include Fast and Furious weapons. An email on the Feb. 26 incident stated: “big Mexican Army seizure last night in Sinaloa from ‘Chapo’ Guzman’s guys.”
8. July 1, 2010 Two Murders in Mexico
Two AK-47 type assault rifles purchased by Fast and Furious suspects were recovered in Sonora, Mexico after a shootout between Mexican cartels. Two murders involving the weapons were reported in the incident.
9. July 26, 2010 Firing of Rifle in Mexico
A giant .50 caliber Barrett rifle purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect was recovered in Durango, Mexico after apparently having been fired. No further details were given.
10. Aug. 13, 2010 Mexican Military vs. Armed Group
Two AK-47 type assault rifles purchased by a Fast and Furious target were recovered in Durango, Mexico after a confrontation between the Mexican military and an “armed group.”
11. Nov. 14, 2010 Terrorist Torture Murder of Mexican Official’s Brother
Two Fast and Furious “walked” AK-47 variant rifles were found at the scene of a shoot-out with suspects in the Oct. 2010 terrorist torture, kidnap and murder of the brother of a Mexican state attorney general, Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez.
12. Dec. 14, 2010 Border Patrol Agent Murder
Two or three AK-47 style rifles found at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed in Arizona by illegal immigrant bandits, had been sold to Mexican drug cartels by Fast and Furious weapons trafficking suspects under ATF’s watch.
13. Feb. 15, 2011 U.S. Immigration and Customs Agent Murdered in Mexico, Partner Injured.
Immigration and Customs (ICE) Agent Jaime Zapata was murdered and his partner injured in a suspected cartel ambush in Mexico. Two weapons linked to suspects who were under ATF surveillance were used in the murder.
14. May 27, 2011 Mexican Military Helicopter Downed, 29 Cartel Members Killed
A Mexican military helicopter was forced to land after drug cartel suspects fired upon it near Jalisco, western Mexico. Authorities seized more than 70 assault rifles and other weapons from the suspects including three AK-47 type assault rifles sold to Fast and Furious suspects.
15. Aug 17, 2011 11 Violent Crimes in U.S.
The Justice Department reported that Fast and Furious guns had been recovered, so far, at 11 violent crime scenes in the U.S. but refused to provide details requested by Congress. Later, the Justice Department revised the number and said there were only two violent crime scenes.
16. Sept. 14, 2011 8 Violent Crimes in Mexico: 3 Murders, 4 Kidnappings, 1 Attempted Homicide
Fast and Furious weapons were reported to be tied to at least eight violent crimes in Mexico including three murders, four kidnappings and an attempted homicide.
17. Nov. 23, 2012 Five Killed, Including Beauty Queen, in Mexico
A weapon purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect under ATF’s watch was recovered scene of a shootout between Sinaloa drug cartel members and Mexican military in Ciudad Guamuchil, Sinaloa, Mexico. Sinaloa beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez and four others were killed.
19. July 29, 2013 Gang-style Assault in Phoenix
An AK-47 rifle that was part of Fast and Furious was used in the gang-style assault on an apartment building in Phoenix that left two people wounded.
19. Aug. 14, 2013 Three Weapons Recovered at Mexican Crime Scenes
Three WASR-10 762-calibur Romanian rifles sold to Fast and Furious suspects under ATF’s watch turned up at crime scenes in Mexico.
20. Oct. 10, 2013 Three Mexican Police Murdered
A grenade linked to Jean Baptiste Kingery, whom federal officials allowed to traffic unimpeded, was linked to a drug cartel shootout in Tepatitlin, Jalisco, Mexico in which three Jalisco State police officers were murdered and four cartel members were killed.
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