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Pre-Obama Martial Law & RIOTS SALE !!!
First OFF, THIS WEBSITE is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) "Military-Issue"
type Website for those who KNOW Real Value in Original AK & Combloc Weapons Parts !!!
On the otherhand, we have SOME who choose to listen to 'Board Fairy' Types who are like
the kids who sit in their Mommy's basements & whine & moan if someone isn't part of their 'clique' of Board Fairies' !!!
So, if you choose to listen to their unsubstantiated 'BS', then AK47World is NOT the Website for you !!!
Case in point, as some of these 'Board Fairies will CALL or e-mail & say, "I don't want to hear about
Politics, I just want a New Set of Chinese Wood for my MAK-90 & not the FACT that Bill Clinton
BANNED ALL Chinese AK's & their Stocks/Parts on May 22, 1994 & SO FAR No Republican has
the "Balls' to undo The Clinton BAN on ALL Chinese AK's & AK Parts & Ammo !!!
Here's an e-mail wanting one of these 'No Longer Importable' Chinese 'Pre-Ban' Style Stock Sets by
someone who will most likely be SHOCKED to hear that 'Gougers' on the Online Auctions
want $300 or more for a Chinese 'Pre-Ban' Wood or Polymer AK-47 Stock Set, especially one that matches!
Here's one received Sunday July 23rd:
"hi there, I recently bought a norinco mak 90 sporter and am looking to replace the thumbhole stock on it, I was wondering if you had any wood furniture that would work so I could do so. I'm looking for a regular wood stock, pistol grip, and handguards, not too picky on the color or shades of the wood as long as they match and will work on the gun. any help is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing back, thanks in advance."