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.25 cents per round on Mixed Lot Russian & Chinese Combloc Caliber Ammo
7.62 x 39mm, 5.45 x 39mm, 7.62 x 54R 
Also have some ChiCom 'STEEL CORE' for ONLY .50 cents per Round
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Warsaw Pact Bulgarian Stock Set photo WarsawPactBulgarianStockSet.jpg
Here's a Warsaw-Length Bulgarian/Russian AK-103 Style Stock Set that K-VAR wants $106 + Shipping for 
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AMD-63 photo IMG_20140625_123644618_HDR.jpg
  Have 5 of these Hungarian/Bulgarian Buttstocks (Forearms & Pistol Grips NOT INCLUDED 
just 5 Bulgarian AK-74 Buttstocks like the one shown above
$115 Shipped
for 5 Bulgarian AK-74 Buttstocks PERFECT for AK Builders, as these Bulgarian Buttstocks
have Rippled 'Trap Door' Buttplates with the internal Tool Kit Spring (over $20 value right there) 
just like Soviet AK-74 Buttstocks, along with Sling Swivel hardware (another $7 in hardware) 
that MAKE these Buttstocks $$$ 'MONEY MAKERS' As Seen in this Picture 
Also have Forearms for $10 + shipping + Upper Handguards $for 5 + Shipping !!!
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Also, the 'Main Sales Goal' of AK47World is to be a source for OEM
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 AK47World SELLS mostly OEM 'No-Longer Importable Combloc Weapons Parts'
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Examples of Good AK-47 values
For MORE detailed info on Good & Bad AK-47's - see the AKWorld.com Rifles Page on good AK-47's to buy and what are NOT such good AK-47 values. Hot Deal Header
  STAY AWAY from Yugo M-70 PAP AK Rifles - while 7.62 X 39mm - M92 PAP AK Pistols are OK!
So, unless someone doesn't do valid comparisons - a WELL-MADE Chinese MAK-90, NHM-90 or Hungarian SA-85M, Bulgarian or Maadi ARM AKs (NOW much HIGHER IN 2013) - are usually a MUCH BETTER VALUE than WASR-10/63 or GP-75 Romanian AK's (look for Romanian SAR-1 or MK-1) & also AVOID MODIFIED YUGO/Serbian PAP M-70 Rifles!
For those who desire MILLED-Receiver AK-47's - the average prices for thumbhole Bulgarian SA-93, SLR-95, or SLR-96 are running $1,000 more for these 'Post Ban' MILLED AK-47s - while a Bulgarian SA-M7 or SLR-101 with Pre-Ban style stocks make more sense if close in price to the SA-93, SLR-95, or SLR-96 Post Ban models, or a Poly-Tech Legend, or Century Arms 1960 Polish Milled-Receiver AK-47 if you find one that isn't $2,000 or more !!!
 See the AK47World.com RIFLES Page for more INFO at: http://www.ak47world.com/rifles.html

Russian   AK-47
Or for more info CALL (720) 940-1458 or e-mail sales@ak47world.com
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'February 2015 Clearance-Priced' Specials !!!
'Just In' - Here's the Repro 'Russian Red Style' 4 Piece Laminated Stock Sets AK47World used to Import until 2011 NOW $109.95 & Shipping
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Soviet MVD Hat photo SovietMVDhat.jpgInside of Soviet Visor Cap photo SovietMVDhatInside.jpg


Also, if you want to CONTACT AK47World CALL (720) 940-1458 Excellent BBB Ratings !!!
  AK-74 Muzzle Brakes 24mm RH thread SOLD OUT !!!
AK47World also has 'Step Up'/thread adapters ($15) to take 14 x 1mm LH thread to these 24mm RH thread AK-74 Muzzle Brakes) - CALL (720) 940-1458!!!

20 Round AK Mag photo Ebloc20RoundAKmag.jpg


 'Strange' 20 Rd. (Possibly Hungarian 
but 'Smooth Back') AK Mags - SOLD OUT 1/26/2015 !!!
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Polish mags photo IMG_20140504_160414828_HDR.jpgpolish2 photo IMG_20140504_160403092.jpgpolish3 photo IMG_20140504_160437295.jpg
 'Military-Issue' 30 Round AK-47 Mags - No Korean Junk - $24.95 + Shipping !!!


Chinese Springs & Followers photo ChineseSpringsFollowers.jpg

Chinese Spring & Followers for 10 ROUND .223 Norinco Type 84 Mags (Far Left Spring/Follower) - $25 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458




'Pre-Ban' Hungarian 20 Round 'Tanker Mag' LAST ONE $34.95 shipped !!!


New Chinese 'POSP' Dragunov '4 x 24mm' Scope $149.95 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 or: sales@ak47world.com


Bulgy photo BulgyAK103Buttstock.jpg

 Brand New Unissued Bulgarian AK-103 Style stock $35 + Shipping CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!



 Black U.S. Made 'Warsaw-Pact' Length 922r Compliant Bulgarian/Russian style Polymer Fiberglass Stock Set

Sale Priced at $79.95 + Shipping - as K-VAR wants $106 + Shipping for a Warsaw-Pact 4 Piece Polymer AK Stock Set NOW - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!



Russian AK Sling photo RussianAKsling.jpg

Russian AK-47 & SKS Sling $24.95

+ Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458


Russian MVD Troops photo Russians.jpg

AK47World has 'Straight' (non-Folding) Black Russian-Style Stock Sets for $85 + Shipping (Like those seen with the Russian Troops above) & their REAL AK-74 'Zig-Zag' Muzzle BRAKES for $35 + Shipping on their AK-74 Rifles & AK47World also has 14 x 1mm LH thread to 24mm x 1.5mm RH thread adapters ($15) so AK-47 owners can install True AK-74 Muzzle Brakes on their 14 x 1mm LH threaded AK-47's = at prices WAY BELOW ANYONE ELSE - CALL (720) 940-1458 for more Info !!!

ATI Sling photo atislingSKS0400.jpg

ATI Nylon Sling will fit many types of Rifles - $14.95 + Shipping !!!


AK 7.62x39mm Speed Loader (old style) $9.99 + Shipping !!!

AK New Style Speedloader photo AKspeedloader.jpg
 'New-Style' Chinese AK & SKS Speed loader for 7.62 x 39mm ammo - $25.95 Shipped
why pay MORE for SLOWER & Higher Priced Lula Loaders CALL (720) 940-1458 to order !!!

Poly Tech 3 AK-47 Mag Clamp photo Poly3MagClamp.jpg

Chinese 'Poly-Tech' 3 Steel AK-47 Mags CLAMP -
Much Stronger than Cheap U.S. Made Sheet Metal Mag Clamps
makes a GREAT 'Rifle Stand' to DISPLAY AK's on
Gun Show Tables = $29.95 + Shipping !!!

New Chinese Vented Gas Tube photo VentedGasTube.jpg

SALE-Priced European (Russian?) Vented Gas tube - like new, or new? $29.95 + shipping 
CAN be USED on ALL Chinese AK's & MILLED Russian, Bulgarian & Polish MILLED AK-47's - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
Or, with New Wood Handguard (shown in picture above) - or Bulgarian Black Polymer Upper handguard $39.95 + Shipping! -
(APEX wants $40 for a Refinished 'Used' Polish Gas tube) - this Chinese 'Vented' Gas Tube is 'Brand New'
& New Handguards are AT LEAST $15 in a lot of Places !!! 
CALL (720) -940-1458 or e-mail to sales@ak47world.com

INERT (Deactivated) M-31 HEAT fin-stabilized anti-tank rifle grenade designed in the late 1950s to replace
the Belgian ENERGA rifle grenade which was adopted by the US Army and US Marines (Now PAINTED Green)
- $49.95 + Shipping !!! (cannot be shipped to 'California, Illinois, New York, Conn. or Mass.)
 photo ImmaculateAKMHandguardSet.jpg
Immaculate Eastern European AKM 'Solid Wood' Lower Handguard Set - almost LOOKS like 'No Longer Importable'
Chinese Norinco Stocks - if you want to 'Fit' these handguards to Chinese AK - $49.95 for the Upper & Lower + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
AK Thread Adapter photo AKthreadAdapter-1.jpg
MAK-90 & Non-Threaded AK Thread Adapter for 14 x 1mm Metric AK Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake Thread Devices - $9.95 + shipping !!!
Norinco .223 mags photo Norino223mags.jpg
 Colorado & New Jersey Legal .223 Norinco Factory 15 round
'Type 84' Mags 'SOLD OUT' on Jan. 28, 2015 !!!
Now the ONLY Norinco .223 'Type 84 Steel AK Mag that AK47World.com has
is 1 'modified' 30 round that now holds 17 or 18 rounds
(see mag on the Far Right of picture above)
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 photo RomakLight.jpg
Refinished Romanian Buttstock (use your hardware) ONLY $25 + Shipping - or with trapdoor & hardware $35 + shipping !! 
CALL (720) 940-1458 if you want this stock !!!
Yugo Thumbhole photo yugo.jpg
 Yugoslavian (Zastava PAP) Plastic Thumbhole Stock only $9.95 + Shipping !!!
 photo BulgarianLowers.jpg
Bulgarian 'Solid Wood' Lower Handguards for ALL Combloc AKM Rifles,
except Yugo (Zastava PAP) $9.95 (lower one) to $19.95 (top two) - CALL (720) 940-1458
Also if you WANT to 'Buy Something' for your AK or Combloc Weapons,
a PayPal or www.flint.com INVOICE will be e-mailed to you. 
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  photo Tapco30.jpg
Tapco 30 Round AK-47 Mags = $9.95 + shipping !!!

 photo BulgarianBakeliteLowers-1.jpg
Bulgarian MILLED Receiver Bakelite Lower Handguards - $35 Set or $20 for Lower & $15 for the Upper - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
 photo Fake103stock.jpg
Fake Russian AK-103 (Like on SGL31-85) Fixed Buttstock that the REAL Thing SELLS for $250
on other places on the Internet - ONLY $35 + Shipping !!!
 photo ChineseUppers.jpg
Upper Handguards $5 to $10 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
 photo UppersBaikal.jpg
 ASSORTED Upper Handguards & Russian Makarov Pistol Grip = Make an Offer by CALLING (720) 940-1458 !!!
 photo ChineseNorincoAKM-47-1.jpg
Temporarily 'SOLD OUT' of Genuine 'Pre-Ban' Norinco AK-47 Sling Factory - OEM correct Canvas Sling
for Chinese AK-47 Rifles (not SKS Slings with leather on both ends) - until NEW Shipment from China' CLEARS U.S. Customs !!!
SVD KIDS photo isischildrenfighters_featured.jpg
Scope with Throw Lever Mount photo SCOPE.jpg
Quick Detachable Double Picatinny AK Side-Rail Scope Mount $34.95 + Shipping
(Scopes at additional Cost) or send e-mail for INVOICE !!! 
 photo Underfolder.jpgUnderfolder 2 photo Underfolder2.jpg
'Brand New' Bulgarian Underfolder Stock Set (no Trunnion) - SOLD 2/19/2015 - CALL 720-940-1458 for more info !!!
Hey Boys & Girls - $1000 REWARD !!!

   If ANYONE sees Chinese a 'Full Auto' Cut-Up MAK-90 with the letters "L" and "D" on the side of it's 3 Position MAK-90 Receiver - that someone RIPPED OFF from AK47World at the Palm Beach Gun Show (a few years back on Veteran's Day) - it would be greatly appreciated if you disclosed 'WHO' that person is !!!

  Or, if you'd like to be REWARDED for your info - a $1,000 REWARD will be PAID for the 'Successful Prosecution' of the 'Scum Bag' who stole that 'Cut up' MAK-90 from AK47World's tables at a Palm Beach Gun Show a few years back on Veteran's Day !!!
 Russian Beret photo bERET.jpgBeret Label photo BeretLABEL.jpg
Russian 'Spetsnaz Beret' - Size 58 from 1998
New & Unissued $49.95 SHIPPED to USA - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!
CAMO T photo CamoTelynaska.jpgCamo T Label photo CamoTelynaska1.jpg
New Style Russian Camo Paratrooper "Telnyashka" (T-Shirt) Size Medium U.S. - $19.95 + shipping !!!
SpetzNaz photo SpetsnazTely.jpg
Russian 'SpetsNaz' (Special Forces Airborne) 'Telynashka' Size Medium (T-Shirt) $19.95 + Shipping !!!
LOADING photo LoadingSKSstripperclip.jpg
sks strpper clips photo SKS10rdStripperClips.jpg
Military 'Vietnam-Era' SKS Stripper Clips $1 each

- or 20/$18 or 40/$35 + shipping - e-mail sales@ak47world.com


Green Military Issue Bulgarian AK Sling - $24.95 + Shipping !!!

New MP-44 Sturmgewehr Rifles Coming to the US!

1 17
EL BE Tac semiauto MP-44

MP-44: the father of the modern assault rifle

Yep, that’s right – we will finally again have access to museum-quality new semiauto MP-44 Sturmgewehr rifles from Germany! I spent some time yesterday speaking with Lars Brüggemann with EL BE Tac, who is the US distributor for these rifles, and the prospects are very exciting. A full line of reproduction semiauto German WWII rifles will be coming to the US, starting with the MP-44 and MP-38. The ATF has already approved the designs for these two, which is the biggest obstacle to bringing in guns like these.

There were no samples at the show, as importation is still pending permit approval (the guns have to come into the US in a sporting configuration to comply with import law), but the first guns should be here during the summer. Unlike the somewhat infamous PTR-44 debacle from several years ago, these new guns will use materials and heat treat fully up to modern spec.

EL BE Tac MP-38

MP38: The classic German WWII submachine gun

The MP-44 will be offered in 7.92×33 (8mm Kurz) only, and will accept original MP-44 magazines. The MP-38 is a closed-bolt conversion and will be sold as a pistol, with a stock fixed in the folded position (but repairable for folks who was to file SBR papers for them). Exact prices are not yet determined, but the MP-44 will likely be around the $5,000 mark. A lot of money to be sure, but an awesome opportunity to have the rifle that is truly the inspiration behind today’s entire combat rifle concept. Stay tuned for a first look at the guns when they arrive here in the States!

- See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/01/22/new-mp-44-sturmgewehr-rifles-coming-us/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2015-01-27&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter#sthash.uM2qrRed.dpuf
Attention AK Builders - AK47World has 'CLEARANCE Prices' on AK Parts too - with hammers & triggers as low as $3 each !!!
 Plastic RPG photo 2142558_01_rpg_rocket_propelled_grenade_t_640.jpg
Plastic RPG-7 originally SOLD by Sportsmans Warehouse until 2008 (until Customs Stopped U.S. Import from Phillipines) NEEDS REPAIRS = ONLY $99.95 + SHIPPING !!!
 If you have an actual INERT RPG-7 or an INERT Sagger AT-3 Anti-Tank Missiles like one of these AT-3 Sagger Missile 'Mylalutka' BELOW - please CONTACT: sales@AK47World.com
AT-3 Sagger.jpg 

 POLY-TECH 30 round AK-47 Mag - 'Snooze & Lose' SOLD to a Regular Customer of AK47World for $79.95 on Jan. 5, 2015 - while others (like 'gomoose02' on Gunbroker wants $250 each for Poly Tech Mags like this!!!) - CALL (720) 940-1458



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To Earn up to $2500 for the Return of these STOLEN Weapons !!!

Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Stolen Gun
PKM Serial Number:GL905
Reporting Agency:West Palm Beach Police Department
Agency Case #:09-0023017
Date of Theft:12/18/2009
Gun Make:MOSIN-NAGANT (actually Wise-Lite)
Gun Model:PKM
Gun Type:RIFLE

REWARD for Wise-Lite PKM s/n GL905 + Other Guns !

ATF & FBI Scared FFL from Keeping these Guns in his Gun Store in Davie, Florida

These guns were previously displayed in a gun store in Davie, FL. - but FBI & ATF both visited him together - alleging these guns were to overthrow the Kenyan (yeah right with 'small arms') ???

So FFL wanted guns removed & Thanks to ATF & FBI for now causing a massive Crime Spree with homicides, car-jackings & home invasions that were done with weapons that were previously safe in FFL's store until ridiculous 'Bogeyman' Conspiracy intimidation scared FFL !!!

$1,000 REWARD for RETURN of Wise-lite/Marcolmar Semi-Auto PKM Serial # GL905 that W. Palm Beach Police listed as a 'Moisin-Nagant' on NCIC because they're & REFUSE to correct to PKM - just as they refused to investigate THEFT & now ATF says other guns (AK's & RPK's) have been involved in homicides - like two Circle K clerks killed for $65 in April 2010 & vast crime spree...

Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Stolen Gun
Serial Number:GL905
Reporting Agency:West Palm Beach Police Department
Agency Case #:09-0023017
Date of Theft:12/18/2009
Gun Make:MOSIN-NAGANT (should've read 'Marcolmar' or Wise-Lite)
Gun Model:PKM
Gun Type:RIFLE

1. Semi-Auto version of Russian PKM Machine Gun (Google: 'Marcolmar PKM') serial #GL905
2. Poly-Tech M-14S serial # 16292 - Large high-power Leatherwood scope - Fiberglass Vietnam stock
3. Bulgarian SA-M7 (milled-receiver AK-47) s/n # AB050302 & Ace Side-folding tubular stock
4. Egyptian Maadi RPM model (RPK - long barrel AK-47 Sporter) serial # CT-05375
5. Romanian SAR-1 (AKM) 7.62 x 39mm s/n unknown - with horse-like symbol painted on buttstock
6. Norinco SKS-D model that accepts standard AK-47 mags s/n unknown

A $2,500 reward is NOW being offered for the arrest & conviction of those who TOOK these rifles from a vehicle parked at a Public Storage facility in W. Palm Beach, Florida sometime between Thanksgiving 2009 & Dec. 18, 2009.

For the REWARDS - call either (786) 261-9273 or (720) 940-1458 - and for the arrest of the person(s) who took the guns - call 911 and reference W. Palm Beach, Florida Police Department case # 09-23017.

Two charged in Circle-K homicides

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Two men are accused in the murder of a two convenience store clerks in Greenacres that happened last April. Robert W. Alvarez and Darnell Razz both face two counts of first degree murder and numerous other charges for the homicie.

The two are accused of being part of a wider crime ring, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. They announced the arrests along with six others in a news conference on Friday morning. The eight men face multiple counts as part of a crime spree that included multiple home invasion robberies, a third homicide, and an attempted homicide. The eight men face 28 counts of racketeering and other charges for the alleged crime spree that took place between April 30th and June 8th of 2010 throughout Palm Beach County.

Alvarez and Razz could face the death penalty if convicted of first degree homicide. The other six suspects face possible life sentences.

Below are the detailed charges, courtesy of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

ROBERT W. ALVAREZ - 1 Count of Racketeering – 895.02(4) and 895.03(3) (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Conspiracy To Commit Racketeering – 777.04(3), 895.02, 895.03 and 895.04 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 2 Counts of Robbery With a Firearm – 775.087(2)(a)(1), 775.087(2)(a)(2), 775.087(2)(a)(3), 812.13(1) & (2)(a) (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 1 Count of Attempt to Commit Robbery With a Firearm - 775.087(2)(a)1, 777.04(1) and 812.13(1) & (2)(a) (2 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 Years in Prison; 3 Counts of Kidnapping With a Firearm - 790.001, 787.01(1)(a) & (2), 775.087(1) and 775.087(2)(a)1 (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 1 Count of Carjacking With a Firearm - 775.087(2)(a)1 and 812.133(1) & (2)(a) (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 3 Counts of Home Invasion Robbery With a Firearm - 790.001, 775.087(1), 775.087(2)(a)1 and 812.135 (L F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison; 2 Counts of Conspiracy To Commit Home Invasion Robbery With a Firearm - 775.087(1), 775.087(2)(a)1, and 812.135 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Attempt to Commit Home Invasion Robbery With a Firearm - 790.001, 775.087(2)(a)1, 775.087(1), 777.04(1) and 812.135 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years in Prison; 1 Count of Aggravated Assault On A Police Officer - 775.0823(10), 784.07(2)(c) and 784.021 (2 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 years In Prison; 1 Count of Grand Theft (Motor Vehicle) - 812.014(1) & (2)(c) (3 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 5 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Dealing In Stolen Property - 812.019(1) (2 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 Years In Prison and 1 Count of False Verification of Ownership - 538.04(4)(b) (2 F) – Maximum Allowable Sentence: 15 Years In Prison – TOTAL POSSIBLE MAXIMUM SENTENCE: 9 Life Sentences + 215 Years.

DARNELL RAZZ - 1 Count of Racketeering – 895.02(4) and 895.03(3) (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Conspiracy To Commit Racketeering – 777.04(3), 895.02, 895.03 and 895.04 (1 F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: 30 Years In Prison; 1 Count of Attempted First Degree Murder With A Firearm - 777.04(1), 782.04(1)(a)(2) and 775.087(1) & (2) (L F) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison and 1 Count of Robbery With a Firearm – 775.087(2)(a)(1), 775.087(2)(a)(2), 775.087(2)(a)(3), 812.13(1) & (2)(a) (1 F pbl) - Maximum Allowable Sentence: Life in Prison - TOTAL POSSIBLE MAXIMUM SENTENCE: 2 Life Sentences.

AK-47 maker Kalashnikov gives rifles makeover

Images of new-look Kalashnikov
The weapons manufacturer hopes its re-branded guns will attract foreign buyers
The Russian manufacturer of the AK-47 assault rifle has unveiled a new look for its guns, as well as a new logo, at a glitzy event in Moscow.

The company is also branching out into fashion, launching a line of branded survival gear.

The firm, which relies heavily on the export market, is among the targets of Western sanctions imposed over Russia's role in the Ukraine conflict.

The Kalashnikov, or AK-47, is one of the world's most recognizable weapons.

The gun is relatively cheap as well as easy to manufacture and maintain, contributing to its popularity with guerrilla forces and national armies in Asia and Africa.

It is thought that more than 100 million Kalashnikov rifles have been sold worldwide. The inventor of the rifle, Soviet Lt-Gen Mikhail Kalashnikov, died last year.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the Kalashnikov assault rifle
Kalashnikov designed the AK-47 after being wounded fighting for the Red Army

At Tuesday's event in Moscow, the manufacturer - now known as 'Kalashnikov Concern' - revealed a new logo featuring the letters 'K and C'.

Women in tight black dresses wandered around holding AK-47 ammunition cartridges, while an orchestra played patriotic Russian classics, the Moscow Times reported.

According to the website of Russia Today, the manufacturer also has two new slogans - "Protecting Peace" in English, and "Weapons of Peace" in Russian.

The company says it sold 140,000 guns in 2014 - double the figure for the previous year.

Kalashnikov CEO Alexei Krivoruchko said the firm intended to modernize production with a view to making 300,000 weapons annually by 2020.

Western sanctions have reportedly stalled an order for some 200,000 rifles intended for sale in the US and Canada.

"The US market was very important for us," the Moscow Times quoted Mr Krivoruchko as saying.

The sanctions have also led to the cancellation of a marketing campaign featuring Hollywood action hero Steven Seagal, Agence France-Presse reports.

 photo MaadiStockSet.png
 photo MaadiStockSetCloseUp.png
Russian/Egyptian 'Military-Issue' 4 piece stock set - SOLD !!! 

Chinese AP 'Steel Core' Military-Issue 7.62 x 39mm - SOLD OUT Feb. 1, 2015 !

Chinese 'Military Issue' Vietnam-Era Stripper Clips $1 each - while others want $2 ea. for Thin Blued Stripper Clips !!!

akm1 photo IMG_20140625_122642161.jpg
 photo RussianAKMstockset.jpg
Russian 'AKM Style' Stock Set = SOLD !!!

Where to find your 'Select-Fire' (Full-Auto) AK-47 markings…



Second: What the markings mean…






G.I. .45ACP 1911 Mags photo GI45mags.jpg
Brand New G.I. Issue 7 Round 1911 .45ACP mags - SOLD OUT on 11-15-2014 !!!
 10 Round Romanian PSL Mag photo 10roundPSLmag.jpg
  Important Notice: 'SOLD OUT' of Romanian PSL-54C mags !!!
20 Examples of the Violent Legacy of Obama & Holder's "Fast and Furious" Gun-Running to be used as an EXCUSE to ban Semi-Auto Weapons in the USA!
(Image above: 42 weapons recovered by Mexican military in Naco, Sonora, Mexico, 20 Nov 2009. Operation Fast and Furious suspect Uriel Patino bought 19 of the weapons one to two weeks earlier. From: Justice Dept. Inspector General)
Since 2011, the Justice Department has refused repeated requests from Congress and the news media to fully disclose details of incidents involving guns that had been illegally trafficked to Mexican drug cartels under the watch of U.S. agents in Operation Fast and Furious. The partial list below was compiled using available information.
Known crimes linked to “walked” weapons:
Deaths: 43
  • 2 U.S. federal agents
  • 3 Mexican police
  • 1 terrorist torture/kidnaping/murder in Mexico
Attempted murders or injuries: 3
  • 1 in Mexico; 2 in U.S.
Kidnapings: 4 (all in Mexico)
Assaults/Shootouts: 4 incidents
  • 2 in Mexico against military; 2 in U.S. against Phoenix law enforcement
1. Nov. 14, 2009 Mexican Kidnaping Crime Scene
One AK-47 type assault rifle purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect was recovered in Atoyac de Alvarez, Mexico after the Mexican military rescued a kidnap victim.
2. Dec. 9, 2009 Cartel Crime Scene Seizure in Mexico
Mexican Army recovered 900 pounds of cocaine, 132 pounds of methamphetamine, $2 million U.S. dollars and 48 firearms in Mexicali, Mexico.  Twenty of the weapons had been purchased by Fast and Furious suspects.
Mexicali seizure
Mexicali seizure of Fast and Furious weapons, Nov. 2009. Photo: Justice Dept. Inspector General
3. Dec. 18, 2009 Crime Scene in Mexico
Mexican law enforcement agents recovered five firearms in Tijuana, Mexico, four of which had been originally purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect.
4. Date unknown, 2010 Mexican Men Assault Phoenix Detectives
Arizona state police revealed that two guns from Fast and Furious were found in an arrest involving two Mexican men who assaulted detectives outside Phoenix in 2010. Nobody was seriously hurt.
5. Jan. 8, 2010 Mexican Army Seizure
Two weapons purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect were recovered as part of a 14-gun seizure by the Mexican Army in Tijuana, Mexico.
Seizure of Fast and Furious Weapons at Tohono O’odham Indian reservation, Arizona, Feb. 20, 2010. Photo: Dept. of Justice Inspector General
6. Feb. 20, 2010 U.S. Crime Scene Seizure
Agents in Arizona at the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation seized 37 AK-47 style weapons purchased ten days earlier by a Fast and Furious suspect.
7. Feb. 26 and 27, 2010 Cartel Weapons Seizures in Mexico
ATF notified U.S. Attorney’s office of two large recovery incidents in Mexico that believed to include Fast and Furious weapons. An email on the Feb. 26 incident stated: “big Mexican Army seizure last night in Sinaloa from ‘Chapo’ Guzman’s guys.”
8. July 1, 2010 Two Murders in Mexico
Two AK-47 type assault rifles purchased by Fast and Furious suspects were recovered in Sonora, Mexico after a shootout between Mexican cartels. Two murders involving the weapons were reported in the incident.
9. July 26, 2010 Firing of Rifle in Mexico
A giant .50 caliber Barrett rifle purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect was recovered in Durango, Mexico after apparently having been fired. No further details were given.
10. Aug. 13, 2010 Mexican Military vs. Armed Group
Two AK-47 type assault rifles purchased by a Fast and Furious target were recovered in Durango, Mexico after a confrontation between the Mexican military and an “armed group.”
11. Nov. 14, 2010 Terrorist Torture Murder of Mexican Official’s Brother
Two Fast and Furious “walked” AK-47 variant rifles were found at the scene of a shoot-out with suspects in the Oct. 2010 terrorist torture, kidnap and murder of the brother of a Mexican state attorney general, Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez.
12. Dec. 14, 2010 Border Patrol Agent Murder
Two or three AK-47 style rifles found at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed in Arizona by illegal immigrant bandits, had been sold to Mexican drug cartels by Fast and Furious weapons trafficking suspects under ATF’s watch.
13. Feb. 15, 2011 U.S. Immigration and Customs Agent Murdered in Mexico, Partner Injured.
Immigration and Customs (ICE) Agent Jaime Zapata was murdered and his partner injured in a suspected cartel ambush in Mexico. Two weapons linked to suspects who were under ATF surveillance were used in the murder.
14. May 27, 2011 Mexican Military Helicopter Downed, 29 Cartel Members Killed
A Mexican military helicopter was forced to land after drug cartel suspects fired upon it near Jalisco, western Mexico. Authorities seized more than 70 assault rifles and other weapons from the suspects including three AK-47 type assault rifles sold to Fast and Furious suspects.
15. Aug 17, 2011 11 Violent Crimes in U.S.
The Justice Department reported that Fast and Furious guns had been recovered, so far, at 11 violent crime scenes in the U.S. but refused to provide details requested by Congress. Later, the Justice Department revised the number and said there were only two violent crime scenes.
16. Sept. 14, 2011 8 Violent Crimes in Mexico: 3 Murders, 4 Kidnappings, 1 Attempted Homicide
Fast and Furious weapons were reported to be tied to at least eight violent crimes in Mexico including three murders, four kidnappings and an attempted homicide.
17. Nov. 23, 2012 Five Killed, Including Beauty Queen, in Mexico
A weapon purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect under ATF’s watch was recovered scene of a shootout between Sinaloa drug cartel members and Mexican military in Ciudad Guamuchil, Sinaloa, Mexico. Sinaloa beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez and four others were killed.
19. July 29, 2013 Gang-style Assault in Phoenix
An AK-47 rifle that was part of Fast and Furious was used in the gang-style assault on an apartment building in Phoenix that left two people wounded.
19. Aug. 14, 2013 Three Weapons Recovered at Mexican Crime Scenes
Three WASR-10 762-calibur Romanian rifles sold to Fast and Furious suspects under ATF’s watch turned up at crime scenes in Mexico.
20. Oct. 10, 2013 Three Mexican Police Murdered
A grenade linked to Jean Baptiste Kingery, whom federal officials allowed to traffic unimpeded, was linked to a drug cartel shootout in Tepatitlin, Jalisco, Mexico in which three Jalisco State police officers were murdered and four cartel members were killed.
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