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Hey Boys & Girls - here's your early 'Christmas Gift' !!!
$1000 REWARD !!!

   If ANYONE sees Chinese a 'Full Auto' Cut-Up MAK-90 with the letters "L" and "D" on the side of it's 3 Position MAK-90 Receiver - that someone RIPPED OFF from AK47World at the Palm Beach Gun Show (a few years back on Veteran's Day) - it would be greatly appreciated if you disclosed 'WHO' that person is !!!

  Or, if you'd like to be REWARDED for your info - a $1,000 REWARD will be PAID for the 'Successful Prosecution' of the 'Scum Bag' who stole that 'Cut up' MAK-90 from AK47World's tables at a Palm Beach Gun Show a few years back on Veteran's Day !!!

From: James
To: "sales@ak47world.com" <sales@ak47world.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 5:54 PM
Subject: AK FCG
Sorry to see your website down. I hope to see it back up soon, I've enjoyed the products and info in the past.
I wanted to know if you sell FA FCG's installed in cut up sections of the receiver?  I saw one at a local show, not for sale, and I thought he said it came from AK47 World. I am interested in buying one if you do sell them. I can pay via PayPal or whatever method you prefer. Thank you.
  Due to the 'Board Fairy' Punks on AKfiles & other websites TELLING those STUPID ENOUGH to BELIEVE their malicious CRAP about Daniel King (the owner of AK47World) not being 'Cool' enough to FIT IN to their 'World of Fairies' & REFUSING to SELL them AK Stuff at Wholesale or BELOW - this Site is Now SHUT DOWN for 'normal business'...
But here's ACTUAL EVIDENCE DESTROYING the Bullshit on AKfiles:
Hi Daniel,
Got the Maadi 4 piece stock set (he got a Beautiful & Genuine Maadi stock set for $99, that a Guy from Colby, KS wanted $160 for - that I traded AK mags for to get...) and it looks FANTASTIC on my Maadi ARM.
Just wanted to say thanks and sorry to see your site shut down, but I can't blame you. 
I got two of those "board fairy types" working for me in my business and they actually live in their parents basement!
LOL  Just have to ignore them because they wouldn't know a good AK if it was shoved up their ass. 
                                         Thanks Again!
But LQQKY HERE at how AKfiles 'Douche Fairy' (Tricolor) SHOWS everyone what a Stupid Moron he is - as he ASSumes (by mistaking what AK47World's 'extremely pleased' Customer wrote about 'HIS' 2 Employees...)
While Tricolor & his fellow 'Board Fairies' STUPIDLY THINK that they have PISSED me OFF - when instead, I'm LAUGHING at how Fucking Stupid THEY ARE:
"I got two of those "board fairy types" working for me in my business and they actually live in their parents basement!"

WTF...if he tries any harder he will shit himself lol

Nice job fairies! you've done piss 'im off! (No 'Douche Fairies', I'm laughing at HOW STUPID you Dipshits are !!!)
But here's some more of the 'Lack of Logic' from AKFiles 'Fairy' "boutcha":
"Everything he ever posted was followed up with the words: sold out. LOL" (That's because the 'Dumb Fuck' boutcha visited the site - AFTER something posted was SOLD = IDIOT !!!)

"First time I ever seen his website, I knew he was a fruit case. He gives MAK90s a bad name just because he likes them..." (Wow that sure makes sense - the FACT that I have always said MAK-90's beat WASR-10's for reliabilty, Dumb Shit 'boutcha' says that gives MAK-90's a Bad Name ???)
And here's the Stupid Opinion of AKfiles IDIOT 'SLAPSHUT':
 "For maximum pricing, please visit his sight."
(As the Moron 'slapshut' spells 'site' as 'sight', he also NEGLECTS to REALIZE that AK47World.com has 'REAL' E. German & Russian 'Zig-Zag' AK-74 Muzzle brakes at $39.95, which is AT LEAST $10 Below the Price of their 'Douche Fairy' Robert Johnson of RTG Parts & the Poly-Tech Pistol Grips AK47World listed for $25 this Summer - were WAY BELOW anyone else's price on Poly-Tech AK Grips that Kengs sells for $50 to $60 now !!!
Here's another AKfiles 'Douche Fairy':
   "I had one dealing with him (Dan King?). Called him about 'Chinese military bipods.' After listening to his 15 minute political and parts acquisition tirade, I get his paypal username and buy one. It's a POS. Email him and he's happy to take it back. Even refunded my shipping costs through paypal. That was right around the time the 'board fairies' started shredding him about his practices."
(Notice' Even though the 'Douche Fairy' got ALL of his $$$ back, although the Product was 'clearly pictured' - the 'Douche Fairy' earned himself a 'DO NOT SELL TO' designation, as Daniel King doesn't have time to 'Play' with 'Board Fairies' !!!)

"Yes, the site stinks. Yes, he steals pictures from just about anywhere."
(REALLY, so if Daniel King uses Military Photos & other 'Free Use' photos, in addition to MOST of the Photos on AK47World.com being his - the 'Pictures Police' at AKfiles has NOTHING to do with their Worthless 'I live in my Mommy's Basement lives', that they have to use up LOTS of their 'unemployed time' TRASHING Daniel King & AK47World = what a Bunch of Losers !!!
Yes, he belittles customers that challenge him or ask questions.
(I sure do PUNK, as I SAW through your Chickenshit Bullshit !!!)
"I'm steering clear from him moving forward (obviously he didn't REALIZE that's what I wanted !!!), but my one dealing with him was not that bad."
If you NEED Some 'REALITY' - Call Daniel King, the owner of AK47World.com
at (720) 940-1458
or e-mail: sales@ak47world.com
& as always if I can help you, as I've done for those interested in 'Truthful AK Info' for over 18 years - I will !!!
But I don't really 'NEED the Grief' from a bunch of Assholes from AK files & some other boards, who live in their Mommy's basements, or have 'No Lives' - other than to Pester me for not fitting into their version of 'Cool' !
  Because the 'Board Fairies' say AK47World doesn't have any Good Stuff anyway, or say that I, (Daniel King) always use other people's pictures (even when the pictures are mine?) & also want you to FORGET that Daniel King & AK47World have a 100% Perfect Feedback Record on eBay, & have only had 2 BBB Complaints for delays (in 18 years) during the INSANE 'Sandy Hook' Sale period (last year) - when ALL the Gun-Related websites had 2 to 4 week delays on orders POSTED on their websites !!!
So while there USED to BE PLENTY of 'Free Info' on this site on the Good AK's to BUY, some CALLERS (who can't READ) - CALLED UP & DEMANDED that they BE TOLD the BEST AK's to Buy (which will take a half an hour AT LEAST) & they WANT ALL that INFO for 'Free' !!!

   But for those who WANT a more complete 'Buyer Assistance' Plan, which will include detailed listings of ALL the 'Good AK's' currently for sale ALL OVER the USA - that SERVICE is available for a $30 PayPal 'Donation' to: danielking4@yahoo.com

Or by U.S. Mail to: AK47World, P.O. BOX 44, Denver, CO 80201-0044

 or you could also always WAIT until the AK47World 'Pay by the Minute' (for AK info) Phone # PLAN is up soon !!!

Otherwise, call a Car Dealer & DEMAND they TELL YOU ALL the Best Deals & ALL the Best Cars to Buy & SEE HOW Fast they Hang Up on YOU !!!

Happy Thanksgiving & TOO BAD the 'Board Fairies' at AK files & AR-15.com don't have 'Free Info' phone #'s for you to CALL !

But if you READ their CRAP - some of them say WASR-10 AK's are Great, while others detail the problems they've had with WASR-10s = they're ALL OVER the WALL with conflicting info, but have PLENTY of Bullshit & Venom on Daniel King & AK47World - if you're DUMB ENOUGH to buy into their 3rd Grade Crap !!!