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Notice: Anyone having Low Cost Romanian Early AK's = like Romanian SAR-1, INTRAC MK-1 or MK-2 Models, European or Chinese MAK-90's +/or AK MAGS/Drums, Parts, Stocks, etc = CALL (720) 940-1458 if you want to TURN the items into 'QUICK CASH' !!!

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So while 'Board Fairys' tell Morons who listen to Mommy's Basement Types NOT to Buy the Unique Products Offered by AK47World.com. and Donald Trump WARNS of $$$ Obamacare increases = 'Board Fairys' have No $$$ = So, I BUY Guns & Ammo = waiting for Democrats to CALL for Gun Bans once another one of their Losers KILLS a Bunch of People again !!!

PLEASE email: sales@ak47world.com or CALL: 720-940-1458

NOTICE: While AK47Store.com & AK47World.com SHOWS 'Pictures' of AK-47s

& other Combloc Weapons - AK47world.com DOES NOT SELL

ANY Firearms - ONLY the Parts, Ammo & Accessories to them!


New Arrivals' at AK47World.com !!!

Chinese 3 AK Steel Mag Clamps = Best Ones on the Market $24.95ea. + Shipping !!!


Chinese 'Vietnam-Issue' STEEL CORE AK/SKS Ammo

(cannot be shipped to FL, TX, NY, NJ, CA, Conn., Illinois)

.70 cents per round + shipping, or $8 per 10 round Stripper Clip + shipping = CALL 720-940-1458 ************************************************************************

Russian 'Military Issue' 1400 Round Crates of
Lacquered 7.62 x 39mm AK & SKS Ammo
in Paper-wrapped 'Military-Issue' bundles (not Commercial 20 rd. boxes
NOT Polymer AK Ammo like Wolf & Tula lower-quality Cheap Ammo)
= $400 Delivered in CONUS (lower 48 States where allowed) !!!

CALL (720)-940-1458 OR SEND an Email to:treasonterminator65@gmail.com


Soviet AK, SKS & SVD (Dragunov) Slings with Authentic Reindeer Marking

$24.95 + shipping = CALL 720-940-1458
AUTHENTIC Chinese 'Type 56' AK Slings (with Leather on only one end, unlike 'Posers' who CLAIM SKS Slings with Too Fat Leather tabs are supposedly 'AK Slings' = $19.95 each - Limited Quantity !!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Soviet 1PN58 Night
Vision Scope for SVD (Dragunov) PSL & AK's = $599 + Shipping !!!

shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 - MC/VISA/Amex/Discover !!!

300px-AT-3_Sagger RPG7
Notice: AK47World.com is SEEKING INERT
Sagger-3 Malyutka 9M14 Anti-Tank Missiles
and RPG-7V INERT Rocket Launchers & PG-7 INERT Rockets!
CALL (720) 940-1458 - or email to: treasonterminator65@gmail.com


  Attention AK Builders - AK47World has 'CLEARANCE Prices' on AK Parts 

 too - with hammers & triggers as low as $3 each - Call 720-940-1458 !!!


 MAK-90 & Non-Threaded AK Thread Adapter for 14 x 1mm Metric

 AK Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake Thread Devices - $9.95 + Up + shipping !!!

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// VietnamSKS10rdStripperClips
SKS Vietnam 'Rust-Resistant' (Galvanized-type Gray finish Stripper Clips $2 each
- or Standard Blued/Black Phosphate Stripper Clips $1 each + shipping (AK47World tries NOT the thin Commercial NcStar Stripper Clips as they're lower-quality displeases our customers !!!



 Brand New Romanian 'Red Army Standard' (Norinco Licensed)

 75 Round Drums - Temporary SOLD OUT - waiting for MORE !!!

 CALL 720-940-1458 - MC/VISA/AMEX/Discover !!!




or email: ak47store@yahoo.com or treasonterminator65@gmail.com

 Please NOTE: AK47Store.com DOES NOT have anymore Chinese Rear Sights that

 have a "D" at the bottom Range Value - Keng's wants MUCH MORE $$$ for those !!!


 Here's what one of the ONLINE AK Forums says about

I/O (Interordnance) Century Arms + other U.S. Made AKs:

I.O, Century's manufactured C39 V1 & V2, RAS47, Hesse, Blackheart,

Lee Armory are NOT recommended here. If you want to know

why, use our search feature and read for hours and see pictures.


 'Foreign-Built AK's - Built in 'REAL Foreign Military Arsenals' !!!



Brand New Chinese 'Quick-Release' AK-47 Bipods,
fits Standard AK Barrels, SKS/AK Type Rifles & Maadi RPK Rifles.
Look around & you won't see these just anywhere as some
Sellers ASK $80 to $100 for these SAME Bipods on eBay !!!
(Fits Maadi RPK models RPM & RML SERIES) AK Rifles
Std. Barrel AK's like WASR-10, NMH90, SAR-1 $39.95 + Shipping

Chinese AK & SKS Bipods $39.95 !!! (not for RPK's)

For MORE info: ak47store@yahoo.com

 (*Note: will NOT Fit NHM-91 RPK Sporter, or 'Fat RPK' Barrels
like the Romanian AES-10B 'RPK' Type AK Rifles.)
If you HAVE an RPK - like the NHM-91, MAK-91, etc.
SARCO Inc. has some RPD Bipods that WILL Fit Chinese RPK Rifles
but NOT SURE if Chinese RPD Bipods will FIT A Romy AES-10B RPK

 These Quick Release' Bipods Work Best with an 'under Barrel Cleaning Rod'

 (like SHOWN above) to KEEP from 'Flipping Around' on you with MAK-90's

 & other AKs without a Cleaning Rod underneath their barrels !!!


Hopefully Donald Trump will be 'convinced' to ALLOW these

Chinese AK's & AK & SKS Parts to AGAIN be Imported into the USA

after Bill Clinton banned them on May 22, 1994

again, because 'Gang Members' & Criminals don't use Bipods, or need AK Parts from China !!!

CALL the Trump Whitehouse 'Comment Line' at 1-202-456-1414

& ask Donald Trump to 'Help Out' Law-Abiding U.S. Gun Owners

by Lifting the Clinton & Obama Import Restrictions on Chinese AK's

& Romanian PSL Rifles, along with Russian SVDs (Dragunovs) !!!



Attention AK-47 Builders - 'Blow-Out' on AK Hammers, Triggers
($3 Romanian, $5 E. German, or Other High Quality)
  AK Cleaning Rods $8, RPK-74 Cleaning Rods $15
Parts DO NOT INCLUDE Shipping - but Low Cost
USPS 'Flat-Rate' is your BEST Route if you buy
a LOT of Parts - Call 720-940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!

Soviet 45 Round (5.45x39mm) Molot RPK-74 Mag 

Temporarily SOLD OUT !!!
 'Soviet' (Russian) Laminated Wood AK-47 Pistol Grips
$59.95 + shipping - CALL 720-940-1458 !!!


 CALL (720) 940-1458 - MC/VISA/Amex/Discover


Chinese Poly-Tech or Hungarian AK Pistol Grips $59.95 ea.

+ shipping CALL (720) 940-1458 or (720) 988-0948 !!!


RARE Soviet 'Slab-Side' AK-47 Mags 

 Very Collectible - SOLD OUT - Seeking More !!!


 Soviet 30rd. Bakelite Mags - SOLD OUT !!!


Romanian AIM Tommy Gun Grip SOLD 03-18-2017

K-var 133Bu 24mm RH Thread Flash-hinder SOLD on eBay June 3rd, 2017 !!!

LOOK at K-Var's website as they sell it for $50 + shipping !!!



RARE 'Soviet Slab-Side' AK-47 Mags

 Soviet Bakelite Mags SOLD OUT - Seeking More !!!

Call 720-940-1458 or send an e-mail to:



 'Yugo' (Zastava) 30rd. 'Bolt Hold Open'

AK Mags -SOLD OUT for Now !!!

  Call 720-940-1458 MC/VISA/Amex/Discover

send an e-mail to: treasonterminator65@gmail.com

   1. 24mm Kvar AK-74 Muzzle brake (Kvar Part #AK-133BU $35)
   2. AK-74 Front Sight base with 24mm base SOLD $40
3. Norinco or Tapco AK-Type 84 .223 Style Muzzle Brake - SOLD
   4. AMD-65 Muzzle Brake with holes. SOLD
   5. AK Receiver Rails in plastic (new) $20
   6. 1 AK Rear Sight (Possibly Russian) $10
   7. 2 Vented AK Gas Tube (Chinese)  SOLD 
8. AMD-65 Gas Tube                $5
   9. Russian Side-fold Knuckle AK-103 - SOLD $30
   10. RPK Lower Handguard Retainer $20
AKM lower Retainer plates  $15
  11. 2 Full Auto Rate Reducers $3 each
  12. 1 Romanian AKM Bayonet.      $20
  13. 5 AKM High Quality European Single-hook Triggers @ $5 ea.
  14. 5 High Quality European AK Hammer Springs @ $10 each 
  15. 10 High Quality European AK Hammers European $5 ea. 
  16. Fat Chinese AK Pistol Grip Ferrules @ $10 each
  17. 10 AK Buttplates (various styles) $10 each 
  18. 1 Russian AK-74 Mag floorplate  $5
  19. 9 Lower Handguard Ferrules $8 ea.
  2.  AK Gas Pistons       $5 ea.
  21. 1 Complete "Double-Hook" Trigger
GROUP $35 (Trigger, hammer, Sear & sear spring).
   22. AK Rear Trunnion (used)         $20
  23. 5 AK Sears with tails $5 ea. & w/o tails $4 each 
24. AK Rear Sling Loops        $10 each
Phone # 720-940-1458
If you want to BID for MANY, but NOT ALL of these AK Parts
SEE our Auction on eBay RIGHT NOW to BID on the AK Parts !!!
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