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Not all U.S. modified Century Arms AK-47 variants (WASR-10, SAR-1, SAR-2, & SAR-3 Rifles) develop problems.

But, far too many of the Century Arms U.S. modified AK-47 VARIANTS HAVE PROBLEMS, like trigger slap, (due to cheap malformed cast trigger groups); canted front sights; canted gas blocks; improper sizing of the magazine well (mags fit too tight, ot too loose...); and bad, or sloppy headspacing not found in anywhere near such numbers in 100% FOREIGN-ASSEMBLED AK-47 VARIANTS from China, Hungary (F.E.G.), Egypt (Maadi), or Bulgaria, and the "TRUE Romanian" AK-47 RIFLES, like the ones only imported in 1997, before the "Great Deceiver", Bill Clinton signed another executive order halting 100% foreign-assembled AK-47 varinats that accept hi-cap mags, like the better-made 100% "TRUE" Romanian Cugir Arsenal Rifles, known as the WUM-1, CUR-1 (Romak-1) in 7.62 x 39mm caliber, & the AK-74 caliber (5.45 x 39mm) Romanian AK-74 variants known as WUM-2, CUR-2, or Romak-2 Rifles.

What is realy strange on other websites, is why so many people want to defend a rifle that is known to have the problems outlined above, unless some of the discussion is from FFL's who love the Century Arms TRASH for the great profits they derive from them?

Remember, AK47World.com DOES NOT SELL GUNS!!!

So, what would we derive from being truthful about POOR QUALITY AK-47's?

WE ARE ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, and therefore wish to guide them towards better made-foreign-built AK-47 variants.

If that sounds anti-American, please remember the AK-47 is not an American-derived weapon, and VERY FEW Americans have the DECADES of experience building AK-47 Rifles that the foreign MILSPEC AK-47 Arsenals have in making these weapons.

In otherwords, having a partially, or completely U.S. assembled AK-47 is kind of like having a Mercedes built on a Chevy Vega assembly line!!!

Evidence of this, is the trigger slap & the other problems of Century Arms U.S. assembled AK-47 variants, the STUPID POWDER-COATING (Baked Enamel) on U.S. assembled SA-M7, so-called, but not real Bulgarian AK-47's, has resulted in many of our customers breaking front sight adjusting tools, because of STUPIDLY-PLACED baked enamel on the front sight apparatus, WHERE the 'characters' in Las Vegas who make the SA-M7, had the nerve to suggest that customers go through the HASSLE of shipping their SA-M7 rifles back to Las Vegas for front sight adjustments!!!

Gee, that's real bright Arsenal USA???

It appears the guys in Las Vegas finally realized (with their Black Phosphate finished "SA-M7 CLASSIC", that "REAL BULGARIAN" AK-47's, like the better-made pre-1998 imported 'TRUE' made in Bulgaria AK-47 variants, like the SA-93, SLR-95, and the SLR-96, have the more appropriate military style Black Phosphate finish, instead of a STUPID, Heat-retaining Baked-Enamel finish found on regular U.S. made SA-M7 rifles! Thanks from Phone # 813-843-AK47


What are the best AK-47's for sale in the U.S.A as of 2003?

Here's some info on why Norinco type 56 stamped AK-47's (MAK-90's) are better than Russian & Romanian AKM rifles like the SAR-1, and why BOTH THE U.S. NAVY SEALS & FINLAND CHOSE NORINCO stamped type 56 AKM rifles.

Through the years of handling & firing AK-47 variants, we've found out quickly what AK's have problems and what AK's do not. (like Maadi's and Romanian S.A.R. series)

The Navy Seals and the Military Defense Council of Finland, both selected Norinco of China to supply Chinese type 56 AK-47 rifles, which are virtually identical (except for select-fire components) to the Norinco MAK-90, & without the MAK-90's thumbhole stock).

THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING, as the GALIL AK's, F.E.G.'s from Hungary, Arsenal of Bulgaria, and Russian AK's were all tested against the Chinese Norinco, and the Norinco came out on top as the most rugged, and best value, despite the fact that it would have been easier for Finland and the Navy Seals to buy AK-47 variants from other Eastern European, or Russian sources.

Finally, Norinco of China, Zastava of Yugoslavia, and Valmet/Sako of Finland all use at least 1.5mm steel for their stamped receivers on their AK variants, thus eliminating the need for a "mickey-mouse" anti-trip device (band-aid that does not solve the problem of too thin of receiver) found in the trigger groups of thinner 1mm steel receivers of Warsaw-Pact AKM's.

AKM is the Russian term of: Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizya , which means modernized AK-47, referring to the stamped AKM of 1968, versus the milled AK-47 of 1947.

Warsaw-Pact AKM's include: Soviet/Russian mfg.,F.E.G. of Hungary (SA-85's, etc.), and Romanian W.U.M.-1's, W.U.M.-2's, S.A.R.1, S.A.R.2, S.A.R. 3's, as well as Maadi AKM's, RML, RPM, and the MISR.

What does receiver thickness and the lack of "mickey-mouse" anti-trip device that only complicates your trigger group, mean to AKM performance???

Simple, if you only fire your thinner receiver AKM variants lightly, you usually won't have any problems.

But if you need more out of your AK, like sustained fire/rapid fire, like with 75, or 100 round drums, or with other "extreme situations", the thicker 1.5mm stamped receivers found in Norinco, Valmet/Sako, and Zastava/Serbian rifles are more durable.

This means the thicker 1.5mm receiver AK's are a lot less likely to experience malfunctions like the thinner 1mm receiver AK's do, when the thicker receiver Chinese, Yugoslavian, or Valmet's get hot under rapid fire, sustained-fire situations, because there's less "fatigue", thus "flex" & jams, in the thicker 1.5mm steel receivers, than in the thinner-walled receivers of the Warsaw-Pact AKM-type rifles.

For more info, you can call us at our new phone # of (813) 843-2547, which spells (813) TIF-AK47 or stay tuned for more info!