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Bayonets, Slings & MISCELLANEOUS items
Bayonets L-R: Valmet (Fiskars); Maadi (very crude), Clayco, PLO-marked Tula AKM recovered in Lebanon, 1982.

Bayonets L-R: Valmet (Fiskars); Maadi (very crude), Clayco, PLO-marked Tula AKM.

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 Scope with Throw Lever Mount photo SCOPE.jpg

 Quick Detachable Double Picatinny AK Side-Rail Scope Mount $39.95 + Shipping
(Scope at additional Cost) or send e-mail to sales@ak47world.com for INVOICE !!!
Soviet MVD Hat photo SovietMVDhat.jpgInside of Soviet Visor Cap photo SovietMVDhatInside.jpg


  AK-74 Muzzle Brakes 24mm RH thread SOLD OUT !!!
AK47World also has 'Step Up'/thread adapters ($15) to take 14 x 1mm LH thread to these 24mm RH thread AK-74 Muzzle Brakes) - CALL (720) 940-1458!!!

Russian AK Sling photo RussianAKsling.jpg

Russian AK-47 & SKS Sling $29.95

+ Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458


Romanian Leather Sling photo RomanianLeatherSling.jpg

New Romanian AK-47 & PSL Leather Rifle Sling

$25 + Shipping - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!


Genuine 'Pre-Ban' Norinco AK-47 Sling Factory OEM correct Canvas Sling for Chinese AK-47 Rifles (not SKS Slings with leather on both ends) - WAITING on MORE from China !!!


Russian Army-Issue Slings $29.95 & Shipping !



Polish AK Sling - SOLD OUT !!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Brand New Bulgarian 'Military Issue' Black Nylon AK Sling - SOLD OUT !!!


PLEASE Note: Standard Combloc AK Slings are not compatible with Tapco Brand T6 or Tapco Brand Sidefolding Stocks - as AK47World.com sells M-16 'Silent Slings' for $12.95 Shipped - to go through the M-16/AR-15 ButtstockSling Loop of Tapco Buttstocks - while Tapco wants customers to SPEND $40 for their Nylon Sling to work with their Side-Fold & T-6 Stocks ?


Surplus Russian 'Type 1' Milled AK-47 Bayonet for Russian, Polish & other MILLED AK-47's

 SOLD OUT - seeking more!!!

QR bipod photo IMG_20140427_173911293.jpgpile if QR bipods photo IMG_20140427_173859563.jpgopen bipod photo IMG_20140427_173935016.jpg

AK-47 or Maadi RPK (models RPM & RML SERIES - do NOT Fit Romanian AES-10B) & SKS Rifles) 'Quick-Release' Bipods - $39.95 + SHIPPING - CALL 720-940-1458 - or send an e-mail to:



Soviet AKM Sling

Soviet Naval Infantry (Soviet Marines) Sling - sold out !


Ammo 25mm M242 Bushmaster Dummy Round Fired Shell Casing With Plastic Projectile
Click here to view a larger image
25mm M242 Bushmaster Dummy Round Fired Shell Casing SOLD OUT as Department of Homeland Security NOW says "No more Dummy projectiles above .50 caliber anymore" !


Norinco 'Double-Stack' AK-47 5 Round - $19.95 + Shipping !!!


AKS 7.62 Rifle with Folding Stock Manual

AKS 7.62 Rifle with Wood Stock Manual

SKS 7.62 Rifle Manual

AK SKS Cleaning Kit (cleaning rod, kit, oil bottle - bottles vary)

$9.95 + Shipping !
Cleaning Rod for AK-47 Rifles

Sold Out of SKS Parts Replacement Manual

$7.95 Shipped !
AK-47 Residue Scraper for Gas Block


Cleaning Kit for AK-47
$10.95 Shipped

$2 Plastic
Oil Bottle

Soviet Naval Infantry (Marines) Black/Indigo Color AK-47/SKS Slings with Authentic Russian Flying Horse markings - SOLD OUT - Seeking More !!!



Russian/Soviet Army AK-47 and SKS Sling Brand New Unissued Green Color only - $29.95 each - FREE shipping !


MAK-90 SKS Sling $9.95 + Shipping !


Surplus Romanian AK-47

Surplus Leather Sling - SOLD OUT !

(Note: Combloc AK Slings not compatible with Tapco T6 or Tapco Sidefolding Stocks !!!)

1 inch Rubber AK Buttpad - fits straight, side-folding & under-folding stock AK's - $14.95 + Shipping !!! 

- http://world.guns.ru/userfiles/images/grenade/gl05/gp-30_ak-74.jpg





2 Inch AK-47 Buttpad fits straight & under-folding stock AK's - SOLD OUT !!!



POLISH & Romanian AK-47 Steel Side-Folder Stocks - $119.95 + shipping & our 1 inch recoil pads - (pictured ABOVE) - will fit on these stocks - giving them more length !
Russian Navy special MARINES Uniform Kit
Soviet Naval Infantry (Marines) Beret ONLY (used size small 54) - sold out - please SEND an e-mail (with items desired) to: sales@ak47world.com
Soviet military INFANTRY Uniform Kit
Soviet Interior Ministry Enlisted Man's (Burgundy Size 59 Beret ONLY) - $49.95 + shipping - please SEND an e-mail (with items desired) to: sales@ak47world.com 
Soviet 'Spetsnaz (Special Forces) Beret Brand New - Size 56 - SOLD !!!
RARE 'KGB' State Security Shoulder Boards (Dark Blue) - $19.95 Shipped in USA (foreign postage higher) !


Red Skulls Telnyashka L/S / Sailor / Nautical / Navy / Striped Long Sleeve Shirt

MIR536 Red  Skulls Telnyashka L/S / Sailor / Nautical / Navy / Striped Long Sleeve  Shirt
'New-Unissued' 1989 ERA Russian Camo Uniform Jacket & Pants - Soviet Size 50 with Makarov Pistol inner pocket - SOLD after ONLY a few hours on eBay - Dec. 2, 2013 !!!