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Romanian Side-folder stock - unlike E. German & older Polish Side-Folder Stocks - as these Romanian Side-Folder Stocks can be modified to FIT Chinese & other 1.5mm Stamped AKM Receiver AK's - SOLD OUT - BUT HAVE E. German for $99.95 & Shipping (below) !!!


East German AKM (Stamped AK-47) Side-Folding Stock $99.95 + Shipping !!!

East German AKM (Stamped AK-47) Side-Folding Stock $99.95 + Shipping !!!

Also, for those who want to 'Re-Create' a DDR East German 'MPi-KMS72' (like the AK shown in front of the DDR Flag) AK47world has the E. German Pistol Grip & forearm pieces shown above & the 4 x 30rd. mag pouch - CALL (720) 940-1458

For those who want a Straight Stock E. German AKM LOOK - here's a
Low Priced $79.95 Set (minus the Gas Tube) - CALL (720) 940-1458 !!!



$69.95 +shipping
FiberForce Stock
) Compliant
AKBSL $99.95 + SHIPPING Black U.S. Made NATO Length 922r Compliant Bulgarian/Russian style Polymer Fiberglass Stock Set

Romanian & Soviet Wood Butt Stocks $30 to $50

Currently have an Eastern Block PLastic (ugly)
Stock for Milled Receiver only $19.95 + shipping !

Poly-Tech Chinese Wood AK-47 Pistol Grip - ONLY have Dark Reddish Brown Grips Left - but sand/strip to make lighter - Lowest Price on the Internet) $39.95 + $5 shipping, as others are $50 to $60!

Pistol Grip Screw Spacer

Pistol Grip - Sold Out

$19.95 to $39.95
Soviet & Chi-Com Lower Handguards

$34.95 Bulgarian/Russian AK-103 Style
Black Plastic Lower Handguard with Heat-Shiel

Chinese Wood Lower Handgua
rd (ungrooved only at this time) Keng's wants $75 for theirs !!!

Front Band for Lower Handguard

Recoil Pad

Russian Laminated Wood Upper Handguard

$1.95 each
Wood Stock Screws for Stock

Grip Connecting Screw

Grip Screw Base

Photo: Repro AK-74 Stock Set $115 + shipping with cleaning rod - or 4 piece stock set $99.95 + shipping - CALL 720-940-1458 or send an e-mail to: sales@ak47world.com

Russian AK-74 Stock Set $89.95 + shipping with black-plastic grip (without cleaning rod) - or 4 piece stock set with Poly-Tech wood Grip (shown below) to make ALL WOOD 4 piece Stock Set @ $119.95 + shipping - CALL 720-940-1458 or send e-mail to: sales@ak47world.com

Photo: Chinese PolyTech AK-47 Dark Wood Pistol Grip - AK Rifle - $39.95 + shipping - CALL 720-940-1458 or send e-mail to: sales@ak47world.com


922(r) Compliant U.S. ManufacturedStocks (For AK-47 Variants imported after November 30, 1990, that still MUST have 5 or more U.S. Made parts, as the Sunset of the Crime Bill's Assault Weapon Ban DID NOT RELAX the 922(r) requirements - as specified on the ATF's website concerning 'SAWs' (Semi-Auto Assault Weapons)

Note: These Ironwood Designs U.S. made stock sets do NOT come with metal hardware, like buttplates or sling swivels.

While AK47World has some Foreign Made Wood Stock set pieces - we have NO 4 Piece matching Stock Sets - except 1 Chinese Set!

These Stocks Sets (SHOWN BELOW) are ONLY available through Ironwood Designs in California.

There are 3 types of buttstock back-ends available with the U.S. made stocks pictured below (on a limited basis):


    1. Rubber buttpad included at no extra charge

    2. Metal Military-Issue buttplates for $19.95 + shipping - only smooth (E. German or Rippled Bulgarian without the metal trap-door for AK-47 cleaning kit.

    3. Metal Buttplate - without trap door - in smooth, or rippled Bulgarian style - when available @ $19.95 each)

*Note: buttstocks cut for metal buttplates will require fitting by customer

Birch Stock Set for Warsaw-Pact AK

+ shipping
Birch Stock Set w pad

 Birch Stock Set Add $20 for metal hardware 

 shipping Birch Stock Set for Chinese AK-47 stamped rec.

Walnut Stock Set

Walnut Stock Set
Birch Butt Stock

Special Mounting Hardware Set

Receiver Example Types

Bulgarian Milled
Single tang

Egyptian Maadi, Romanian,
Hungarian stamped straight cut

MAK stamped
angle cut

Milled Single tang

MAK stamped
straight cut

Romanian stamped
radius cut

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