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20 Examples of the Violent Legacy of Obama & Holder's "Fast and Furious" Gun-Running to be used as an EXCUSE to ban Semi-Auto Weapons in the USA!


(Image above: 42 weapons recovered by Mexican military in Naco, Sonora, Mexico, 20 Nov 2009. Operation Fast and Furious suspect Uriel Patino bought 19 of the weapons one to two weeks earlier. From: Justice Dept. Inspector General)

Since 2011, the Justice Department has refused repeated requests from Congress and the news media to fully disclose details of incidents involving guns that had been illegally trafficked to Mexican drug cartels under the watch of U.S. agents in Operation Fast and Furious. The partial list below was compiled using available information.

Known crimes linked to “walked” weapons:

Deaths: 43

  • 2 U.S. federal agents
  • 3 Mexican police
  • 1 terrorist torture/kidnaping/murder in Mexico

Attempted murders or injuries: 3

  • 1 in Mexico; 2 in U.S.

Kidnapings: 4 (all in Mexico)

Assaults/Shootouts: 4 incidents

  • 2 in Mexico against military; 2 in U.S. against Phoenix law enforcement

1. Nov. 14, 2009 Mexican Kidnaping Crime Scene

One AK-47 type assault rifle purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect was recovered in Atoyac de Alvarez, Mexico after the Mexican military rescued a kidnap victim.

2. Dec. 9, 2009 Cartel Crime Scene Seizure in Mexico
Mexican Army recovered 900 pounds of cocaine, 132 pounds of methamphetamine, $2 million U.S. dollars and 48 firearms in Mexicali, Mexico.  Twenty of the weapons had been purchased by Fast and Furious suspects.

Mexicali seizure

Mexicali seizure of Fast and Furious weapons, Nov. 2009. Photo: Justice Dept. Inspector General

3. Dec. 18, 2009 Crime Scene in Mexico
Mexican law enforcement agents recovered five firearms in Tijuana, Mexico, four of which had been originally purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect.

4. Date unknown, 2010 Mexican Men Assault Phoenix Detectives
Arizona state police revealed that two guns from Fast and Furious were found in an arrest involving two Mexican men who assaulted detectives outside Phoenix in 2010. Nobody was seriously hurt.

5. Jan. 8, 2010 Mexican Army Seizure
Two weapons purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect were recovered as part of a 14-gun seizure by the Mexican Army in Tijuana, Mexico.


Seizure of Fast and Furious Weapons at Tohono O’odham Indian reservation, Arizona, Feb. 20, 2010. Photo: Dept. of Justice Inspector General

6. Feb. 20, 2010 U.S. Crime Scene Seizure
Agents in Arizona at the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation seized 37 AK-47 style weapons purchased ten days earlier by a Fast and Furious suspect.

7. Feb. 26 and 27, 2010 Cartel Weapons Seizures in Mexico
ATF notified U.S. Attorney’s office of two large recovery incidents in Mexico that believed to include Fast and Furious weapons. An email on the Feb. 26 incident stated: “big Mexican Army seizure last night in Sinaloa from ‘Chapo’ Guzman’s guys.”

8. July 1, 2010 Two Murders in Mexico
Two AK-47 type assault rifles purchased by Fast and Furious suspects were recovered in Sonora, Mexico after a shootout between Mexican cartels. Two murders involving the weapons were reported in the incident.

9. July 26, 2010 Firing of Rifle in Mexico
A giant .50 caliber Barrett rifle purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect was recovered in Durango, Mexico after apparently having been fired. No further details were given.

10. Aug. 13, 2010 Mexican Military vs. Armed Group
Two AK-47 type assault rifles purchased by a Fast and Furious target were recovered in Durango, Mexico after a confrontation between the Mexican military and an “armed group.”

11. Nov. 14, 2010 Terrorist Torture Murder of Mexican Official’s Brother
Two Fast and Furious “walked” AK-47 variant rifles were found at the scene of a shoot-out with suspects in the Oct. 2010 terrorist torture, kidnap and murder of the brother of a Mexican state attorney general, Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez.

Read about Fast and Furious rifles in the terrorist-torture case

Watch the video report on Fast and Furious rifles in the terrorist-torture case

12. Dec. 14, 2010 Border Patrol Agent Murder
Two or three AK-47 style rifles found at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed in Arizona by illegal immigrant bandits, had been sold to Mexican drug cartels by Fast and Furious weapons trafficking suspects under ATF’s watch.

Find links to all Fast and Furious reports here

13. Feb. 15, 2011 U.S. Immigration and Customs Agent Murdered in Mexico, Partner Injured.
Immigration and Customs (ICE) Agent Jaime Zapata was murdered and his partner injured in a suspected cartel ambush in Mexico. Two weapons linked to suspects who were under ATF surveillance were used in the murder.

Watch the video of the second “walked” weapons linked to Agent Zapata murder

14. May 27, 2011 Mexican Military Helicopter Downed, 29 Cartel Members Killed
A Mexican military helicopter was forced to land after drug cartel suspects fired upon it near Jalisco, western Mexico. Authorities seized more than 70 assault rifles and other weapons from the suspects including three AK-47 type assault rifles sold to Fast and Furious suspects.

View the report on the downed Mexican military helicopter involving Fast and Furious weapons

15. Aug 17, 2011 11 Violent Crimes in U.S.
The Justice Department reported that Fast and Furious guns had been recovered, so far, at 11 violent crime scenes in the U.S. but refused to provide details requested by Congress. Later, the Justice Department revised the number and said there were only two violent crime scenes.

Read the story on Fast and Furious guns being recovered at 11 violent crime scenes in U.S.

16. Sept. 14, 2011 8 Violent Crimes in Mexico: 3 Murders, 4 Kidnappings, 1 Attempted Homicide
Fast and Furious weapons were reported to be tied to at least eight violent crimes in Mexico including three murders, four kidnappings and an attempted homicide.

Read the story on Fast and Furious weapons tied to three more murders in Mexico

17. Nov. 23, 2012 Five Killed, Including Beauty Queen, in Mexico
A weapon purchased by a Fast and Furious suspect under ATF’s watch was recovered scene of a shootout between Sinaloa drug cartel members and Mexican military in Ciudad Guamuchil, Sinaloa, Mexico. Sinaloa beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez and four others were killed.

Watch the video of the story on a Fast and Furious weapon found at shootout in Mexico that killed five

19. July 29, 2013 Gang-style Assault in Phoenix
An AK-47 rifle that was part of Fast and Furious was used in the gang-style assault on an apartment building in Phoenix that left two people wounded.

Read the story about a Fast and Furious rifle used in gang-style assault in Phoenix

19. Aug. 14, 2013 Three Weapons Recovered at Mexican Crime Scenes
Three WASR-10 762-calibur Romanian rifles sold to Fast and Furious suspects under ATF’s watch turned up at crime scenes in Mexico.

Read the report about three Fast and Furious rifles recovered at Mexican crime scenes

20. Oct. 10, 2013 Three Mexican Police Murdered
A grenade linked to Jean Baptiste Kingery, whom federal officials allowed to traffic unimpeded, was linked to a drug cartel shootout in Tepatitlin, Jalisco, Mexico in which three Jalisco State police officers were murdered and four cartel members were killed.

Watch the video about the grenade-walking case of Jean Baptiste Kingery


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Palm Beach, Florida sometime between Thanksgiving 2009 +ACY Dec. 18, 2009.For the REWARD - call (720) 988-0948 reference W. Palm Beach, Florida Police Department case 09-23017. in reference to W. Palm Beach, Florida Police Department case 09-23017. Note:1,000.00 REWARD for Hungarian F.E.G. Underfolder AKM (AK-47) STOLEN April 6, 2009 from AK47World.com's tables at the Tulsa Wannenmacher Gun Show made by Armory U.S.A. of Houston, TX - on F.E.G. Receiver - Serial HN-561 - call or e-mail AK47World at (720) 988-0948 for Reward Payment Details+ACE Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Stolen Gun Serial Number:GL905 Reporting Agency:West Palm Beach Police Department Agency Case 09-0023017 Date of Theft:12/18/2009 Gun Make:MOSIN-NAGANT Gun Model:PKM Caliber:762 Gun Type:RIFLE Scared FFL from Keeping these Guns in his Gun Store in Davie, Florida SPECIAL REPORT Part Three: Gunrunners and Spies The Slow Boat From China By David Phinney ABCNEWS.com When federal agents busted smugglers bringing 2,000 Chinese AK-47 assault rifles in May of 1996 through Oakland, Calif., critics of free trade with China seized the moment. China can't be trusted to abide by U.S. laws, they cried. Smuggling machine guns into this country is, to put it mildly, a major roadblock in our relationship, said Rep. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who said the event forced him to reconsider U.S.-China trade relations. Indicted suspects included leading U.S. representatives from two of Chinas key weapons firms-the gargantuan Chinese defense firm Norinco, and the People's Liberation Army-owned Polytechnologies. What's more, the ship carrying the arms was the Chinese owned and operated COSCO, the China Ocean Shipping Co. Congressional investigators believe that the shipper has also delivered nuclear-weapon components to Pakistan and chemical and biological weapons to North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Syria. this impacts the safety of every American citizen,+AOIgrADvAL8AvQ said Rep. Randy Cunningham, R-Calif., while speaking on the House floor. He told Congress that he had been briefed with an FBI report finding that COSCO deploys industrial and national security spies around the world. All three Chinese companies deny any involvement with any smuggling operations, but the allegations from politicians and the media persist. Distrust Continues Critics again attacked COSCO in March after the shipper applied for a permit to build a cargo terminal at the decommissioned Long Beach Naval Station in California. Local officials, eager to expand commercial port activity, jumped at the opportunity and prepared to invest +ACQ-200 million in developing a 145-acre site. The COSCO situation became so politically uncomfortable that the husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., investment banker Richard Blum, confessed to having a minor financial interest in COSCO, but quickly pledged to donate all profits to charity. (Yeah, sure you did 'Slick Willie'...) It is difficult to be married to a public figure today and carry out business, he told The Wall Street Journal COSCO's bidding for the project ignited an outcry from local talk radio and cable stations, while members of Congress-including both California senators-demanded a report on possible breaches of national security from the Chinese shipper. Other members of Congress crafted legislation to prevent the move, fearful that COSCO would use the terminal as a base for intelligence operations and smuggling. If COSCO receives the permit, its new neighbor would be the Sea Launch Company, an international consortium now developing an advanced deep-ocean rocket launch and assembly system for the Pentagon. We can't really separate an enterprise like COSCO from the Chinese intelligence apparatus. We can do that with Western shippers but not with a Chinese organization, says Asian policy analyst Richard Fisher with the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. 10 years down the road we discover that the facility has been used for espionage, it will be too late. Paranoid Bunk Yvonne Avila, Port of Long Beach spokeswoman, reacts to such fears as paranoid bunk. COSCO operates in seven other U.S. seaports and has been doing business in Long Beach for 16 years. It's the same company and the same ships and the same cargo ever since 1979 she says. No one has ever flinched and suddenly it has become a national issues not like we were hiding something. COSCO has never been indicted for running weapons. (Only because Clinton forbid Reno from doing it...) Trail to the White House Nevertheless, opponents weave a web of conspiracy of espionage and intrigue leading all the way to the White House and its association with Johnny Chung, a Chinese American businessman from California. Chung, who was reported to have introduced a COSCO representative to President Clinton last year, gave +ACQ-366,000 to the Democratic National Committee during the 1996 campaign. The DNC later returned the money out of fear that it might have been obtained illegally from foreign sources. Chung and his donations are now part of broader fund-raising investigations by the Justice Department and Congress. The Defense Department subsequently claimed there were no national security concerns, and Long Beach officials deny that the White House played any role in making a deal with COSCO despite several meetings with the president. In late April, the COSCO proposal was turned down for environmental reasons and pleas to preserve the heritage of the former military base. And if that didn't stop them, I'm sure Congress would have, boasted one Republican aide. All this happened even though COSCO has been docking at Long Beach since 1981. Its business represents 25 percent of all U.S. trade with China. Check out this much ignored (by Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, and the rest of the Clinton-Loving News Media in 1996) 'GLIMPSE' of Bill Clinton's Chinese AK-47 smuggling 'FRIENDS' ANATOMY OF A STING http://www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,135999,00.html By MICHAEL S. SERRILL Jun. 3, 1996 Maybe it was his Runyonesque swagger, or the 6-ft. 6-in., 350-lb. former football linebacker who served as his bodyguard, or his expert craft, which included hiding a key in a potted plant. Whatever the case, Gary Hipple, a U.S. Customs agent based in San Francisco, convinced a group of Chinese arms dealers that he was a Mafia big shot who was in the market to buy guns for drug rings and street gangs. By the time the undercover deal was over, Hipple and his partner, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent who also posed as a mobster, had persuaded the brokers to smuggle 2,000 fully automatic Chinese-government-made AK-47s into the U.S. Last week (May 1996), the charade ended with an explosion of headlines (what 'explosion' of headlines?), as Customs and ATF agents arrested seven people for illegal gunrunning. U.S. Attorney Michael Yamaguchi described the sting operation as the largest seizure of fully operational automatic weapons in U.S. history+ACE (Why did 60 minutes and Nightline ignore this story???) The diplomatically sensitive source of the guns: two state-owned arms manufacturers in China, Poly Technologies and Norinco. The president of Poly Technologies, a defense corporation controlled by the People's Liberation Army, is He Ping, the son-in-law of Deng Xiaoping. The operation began in 1994, when an informant told Hipple that a Taiwanese businessman named Hammond Ku was looking for ways to circumvent Customs. Hipple arranged a meeting and to impress Ku took along fellow agent and former Green Bay Packer Byron Braggs. Ku allegedly set up a test: he had a suitcase of weapons parts flown from China to the San Francisco airport. Hipple duly carried the case past Customs and stashed it in a locker, telling Ku he would find the key in a nearby potted plant. With that, the sting was on. According to a 34-page criminal complaint filed in San Francisco's U.S. District Court in May of 1996, Hipple helped Ku smuggle in 20,000 machine-gun stands (bipods, you journalistic 'geek'...). Ku then told the agent to fax his weapons wish list to Ku's secretary, using code words: +ACI-apples+ACI for automatic weapons+ADs +ACI-Alpha Kings+ACI for AK-47s+ADs +ACI-poppers+ACI for grenades. Later, a Florida ATF agent was introduced to Ku as an arms dealer interested in machine guns. Eventually the undercover team negotiated an order for 2,000 AK-47s. They paid Ku and his associates +ACQ-700,000 in cash and wire transfers to Beijing and Hong Kong bank accounts. Ku made clear that he was acting as a middleman for Chinese arms dealers, including Robert Ma, head of U.S. sales for Poly Technologies, and Richard Chen, U.S. representative for Norinco. It was Ma, according to last week's complaint, who arranged for shipment of the rifles. They arrived in San Francisco aboard a Chinese freighter on March 18, 1996. Once the transaction was completed, according to court papers, Ku reported that his contacts at Norinco were eager to continue. Customs agents say Ku offered a variety of larger arms, including surface-to-air missiles that he boasted +ACI-could take out a 747.+ACI Customs didn't have any more money to spend but delayed making arrests. +ACI-We were trying to lure the large business figures +AFs-in China+AF0 to the States,+ACI says Rollin Klink, head of Customs in San Francisco. Officials finally sprung the trap after learning that the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times were on to the sting. (Gee, it's not like Bill Clinton ordered a 'LEAK' in order to COMPROMISE THE FEDERAL INVESTIGATION, RIGHT...) Still, one important figure, Ma, is at large and may have escaped to China. (Of course Clinton made sure Ma escaped, as Ma would tie Clinton to this +ACQ-8 million dollar AK-47 deal...) Ku and Chen are under arrest, along with several Chinese and American collaborators. That is, until Clinton deliberately 'compromised' the investigation, and how America's 'First Black President', as Bill Clinton likes to refer to himself, but who seems more like +ACI-AMERICA's 1st RED PRESIDENT+ACI, as in a FULL-BLOODED COMMUNIST 'OPERATIVE', who forced Janet Reno to COVER-UP how he received LARGE SUMS of CHINESE 'donated' U.S. CASH (+ACQ-100 bills stuffed into duffel bags), again that MOST of the Clinton-loving news media neglected to tell the public about+ACE +ADw-H4+AD4-For those who doubt just how much Bill Clinton was 'compromised' by Communist Party Officials, why won't Bill Clinton tell what he was doing at the Kremlin's 'KGB HOTSPOT', the Intourist Hotel in Moscow in 1969, a hotel that was commonly known for supplying foreign tourists with first-class Russian prostitutes? Could the Russians and the KGB have made some interesting videotapes of a perverse Bill Clinton with one, or more of these prostitutes, who might have been supplied by the KGB to someone whom the Soviets sought to recruit to enter the American political arena, as possibly a Governor, or eventually as a Presidential candidate? +ADw-H4+AD4-Check out this interesting site with info on the former Soviet Intourist Hotel http://funreports.com/2002/04/25/28009.html Why do Bill and Hillary Clinton refuse to talk of how James Riaddy and his Lippo Group (which means 'Happy' in Chinese, as the Chinese were very happy with Bill Clinton's treachery...), whose real name is James Lee, and is a known member of the Chinese Central Committee/Politburo, who also just happened to extend 'OPEN' LINES OF CREDIT through his former Arkansas registered Bank (The Worthen Bank) to Bill Clinton during Bill Clinton's 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns? Also, for those interested in what a 'Commie-Lover' John Kerry is, just do a google search for +ACI-Johnny Chung +ACY Kerry+ACI (in that order), to see for yourselves what 'relations' John Kerry maintains with Red Chinese Officials, and his 'Private' Trade Misions to China, or his 'friend' Mr. Marcus of the Chinese 'front company' known as the +ACI-Boston Technology Group+ACIAIQ +ADw-/H4+AD4 Hypocrite Democrat with a concealed weapon for herself, but not others, Dianne Feinswine shows more contempt for the ONLY WEAPONS that the 2nd Amendment supports (so-called 'Assault Weapons'), as she instead urges solidarity for Nazi-like Gun Controls for law-abiding Americans, because miniscule numbers of so-called +ACI-Assault-Weapons+ACI are used by criminals who supply Democratic Party voters with illegal drugs, that are also banned??? The reporters, dignitaries and innocent bystanders packed into the room were too ignorant to be terrified as Feinstein swept the crowd with the muzzle of the Hungarian AK-47, bolt closed, finger on the trigger, with a high-capacity 75 round drum magazine locked in place+ACE San Francisco resident William A. Levinson wrote a certified letter to Mayor Willie Brown, Jr., demanding legal action against the blatant gun safety violations of the illustrious +IBw-Ms. Gun Control,+IB0 who holds a rare California concealed weapons permit. Do as I say, not as I do... When Sen. Feinstein was asked earlier why she carried that .38 Smith +ACY Wesson concealed in her purse while promoting gun control for the rest of us, Feinstein answered, +IBw-I know the urge to arm yourself because that+IBk-s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I+IBk-d walk to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, I was going to take them with me.+IB0 Yet, she's too much of an elitist Democrat hypocrite to admit that VERY FEW Californians are given 'permission' to protect themselves as Feinstein has the elite priveledge of having+ACE Be sure to view a mini-video of what the Democrats +ACY Dianne Feinstein are working on to replace the 1994 Crime Bill Assault Weapon Ban (18 USC 44 922v) in September 2004 +ACY the Gun-Grabbers vision of 'Gun Control' for Amerika: http://www.keepandbeararms.com/flash/legacy.html Make sure you keep clicking on the +ACI-NEXT+ACI boxes after the text appears +ACY it's best if your computer has a sound card for the +ACI-FULL EFFECT+ACIAIQ AL QAEDA's MAIN WEAPONS SUPPLIER +ACY BILL CLINTON Bill Clinton's Chinese 'friends' that continue to arm Al Qaeda... Even though the Associated Press seems to hide reports like the one below, by Elena Jeleniak of the AP's Washington bureau,Red China REMAINS Al Qaeda's +ACM-1 supplier: +ACI-30 Chinese shoulder-fired missiles found recently in Afghanistan by GI's+ACI Friday, June 21, 2002 9:51 a.m. EDT China Continues to Arm Al-Qaeda, as China says U.S. +ACI-got what it deserved+ACIAIQAhACE Communist Chinese military officials have continued to arm Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda commandos with sophisticated surface-to-air missiles even after the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., according to U.S. intelligence reports.+ACI Recently. U.S. Army Green Berets found 30 HN-5s, Chinese-made SA-7s surface-to-air missiles, in Afghanistan,+ACI reports the Washington Times. +ACI-Intelligence reports indicate the Chinese shipped the missiles to the Taliban after September 11. In June an al-Qaeda operative fired a Chinese made SA-7 missile at a U.S. military plane in Saudi Arabia, according to Pentagon sources. Before Sept. 11, China's Army provided training for the Taliban militia and its al-Qaeda supporters, the Times added. Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin was so impressed with Bin Laden's 9-11 attack that he sanctioned a propaganda effort suggesting the U.S. +ACI-got what it deserved+ACI, as workers at Beijing Television produced a documentary they called 'Attack America,'+ACI reported the London Telegraph in November. In the video, Chinese film editors mixed real news footage of the two commercial jetliners slamming into the World Trade Center with scenes from a 1998 remake of +ACI-Godzilla+ACI where the monster wreaks havoc on New York. +ACI-Communist Party officials say President Jiang Zemin has obsessively watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center,+ACI the Telegraph said. +AF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXw +AF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8 Clinton's secret deals with China's Arms Brokers+ACE Dan Rather +ACY his leftist +ACI-buddies+ACI at the Washington Post will never tell you how tight+ACI Bill Clinton is +ACY was with Al Qaeda's +ACI-Main WEAPONS SUPPLIER+ACIAIQ These Clinton-loving +ACI-bastions of bias+ACI will always protect Bill Clinton's illegal weapons deals with Red China's PLA (People's Liberation Army), as they will never tell the American public how Bill Clinton +ACY Janet Reno purposely botched the FEDERAL INVESTIGATION that was known to Federal investigators, but not the American public, as +ACI-OPERATION DRAGONFIRE+ACI But, before ATF, FBI +ACY U.S. Customs Officials could link Bill Clinton to an +ACQ-8 Million dollar illegal AK-47 deal with China's chief Arms Broker (Wang Jun) +ACY Al Qaeda's munitions source, +ACI-Operation Dragonfire+ACI, an attempted Federal sting operation, that was meant to ensnare Bill Clinton's PLA 'friends', but was compromised by leaks from the Clinton Whitehouse+ACE +ACI-Wang Jun+ACI, who had lunch with Clinton on Feb. 6th 1996, handed Bill Clinton four duffel bags of cash for a +ACI-very special import permit+ACIAIQ Clinton, who loved the idea of +ACI-cold-untraceable+ACI cash for his 1996 Presidential campaign, showed complete and utter disregard for cops on the streets, that his 1994 Crime Bill pretended to make safer, as he signed an import permit for the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) Empress Phoenix freighter to bring in +ACQ-8 million dollars of illegal fully-automatic AK-47's to be distributed to Chinese Triad gangs in California, even if it meant cops being killed by fully-automatic AK-47's+ACE A +ACI-WIN-WIN+ACI deal for Clinton, as he could blame the weapons on the NRA +ACY the so-called, +ACI-Gun Show Loophole+ACIAIQ Special Agent, Matthew King of the San Francisco U.S. Customs Office, and Special Agent Gary Stolz of the ATF's Reno, Nevada Office can tell you how Bill CLINTON DELIBERATELY COMPROMISED OPERATION DRAGONFIRE, because IT WOULD'VE MADE WATERGATE LOOK SMALL IN COMPARISON+ACE China, who currently happens to be Al Qaeda +ACY the Taliban's largest munitions suppliers, were also the largest 'donors' of campaign funds to Bill Clinton's 1992 +ACY 1996 campaigns, as contributions to the 1996 campaign of that other 'Commie-Lover, John Kerry+ACE In addition, China's 'sleeper agent', Charlie +ACI-Yah Lin+ACI Trie pretended to be a Little Rock restauranteur in the 1980's, in order to begin a 'financial relationship' with Governor Bill Clinton, as Trie convinced Bill +ACY Hillary Clinton to invest Arkansas State Teacher pension funds into Chinese state-run weapons producers Norinco +ACY Poly-Tech in the 1980's+ACE More disturbing, was how the Janet Reno-led U.S. Justice Department continuously engaged in a series of actions that thwarted FBI Director Louis Freeh from properly investigating why China's chief arms broker brought four duffel bags of +ACQ-100 bills into the Clinton Whitehouse on Feb. 6, 1996+ACE ABC should explain why they eliniated the newslinks below: China's Army Marches to Profits U.S. Firms: Dealing with the PLA Mr. Wang Goes to Washington Wang+IBk-s visit to Washington came at a time when U.S. government officials and law enforcement agencies were reviewing allegations that the firm had sold cruise missiles to Iran, traded weapons for heroin in Burma and brokered a number of other deals with +IBw-rogue+IB0 nations. SPECIAL REPORT Mr. Wang Goes to Washington Mixing Business with Weapons By David Phinney ABCNEWS.com Wang Jun simply paid a social visit when he dropped by the White House to sip coffee with President Clinton and a circle of major contributors to the Democratic National Committee+IBQ-or so he said. But when the press discovered the incident, Wang+IBk-s visit made headlines. Wang serves as chairman of China+IBk-s major international weapons broker, the PLA-owned Polytechnologies. Prior to going to the White House, he had a business meeting with someone who had just contributed +ACQ-50,000 to the DNC. Wang+IBk-s visit to Washington came at a time when U.S. government officials and law enforcement agencies were reviewing allegations that the firm had sold cruise missiles to Iran, traded weapons for heroin in Burma and brokered a number of other deals with +IBw-rogue+IB0 nations. Polytechnologies also has been repeatedly accused of smuggling small weapons into the United States. White House Guest Employs Gunrunners Just months after Wang+IBk-s Washington visit, the FBI targeted Polytechnologies in a June 1996 sting operation that caught suspects attempting to smuggle 2,000 Chinese AK-47 assault rifles into the San Francisco Bay Area. Five of the 14 suspects were principal U.S. representatives of two major PLA arms suppliers+IBQ-Norinco as well as Polytechnologies. Many of the suspects disappeared after the bust. Both Chinese firms deny involvement in the illegal arms shipment, which has a reported street value of +ACQ-2 million to +ACQ-4 million, but law enforcement agencies have repeatedly targeted the firms for similar activity in Los Angeles, Miami and other cities. President Clinton has since said Wang+IBk-s White House visit in February 1996 was +IBw-clearly inappropriate.+IB0 Wall Street Cozies Up to Wang The son of former Chinese Vice President Wang Zhen, Wang also serves as chairman the +ACQ-23 billion financial powerhouse, China International Trust and Investment Corp. The organization has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S. bond market, which some observers claim has been partially funneled to military-run businesses. The managing executive with CITIC+IBk-s New York office denies that investment money goes to the PLA. +IBw-That is nonsense,+IB0 he responded. Other+IBk-s aren+IBk-t so sure. Roger Robinson, a former economic adviser to the National Security Council under President Bush claims that New York firms have handled more than +ACQ-800 million in CITIC bonds. He believes that some of that money could very well be going to PLA firms and helping to establish credit operations for China+IBk-s international weapons sales. +IBw-We+IBk-re talking about an organization that is intimately connected to the Chinese military commission,+IB0 Robinson says. Wang made his White House visit during a trip to drum up new business on Wall Street. Democrats Power Breakfast with the PLA Just hours before visiting with President Clinton, Wang first met with Ernest Green, an active fund raiser for the Democratic National Committee and a friend of the president. Green, a managing director with the Lehman Brothers investment bank in Washington, was looking to develop business with CITIC, a spokesperson for Lehman later told the press. Green+IBk-s appointments that day also included delivering a +ACQ-50,000 check in his wife+IBk-s name to the DNC prior to meeting with Wang. These series of events later prompted ongoing investigations by the Justice Department and Congress, who are now attempting to determine whether there may be a link between the Chinese government and fund-raising efforts by the Democratic Party. Wang, in turn, denies any impropriety. +IBw-It is sheer nonsense that some U.S. reports described this meeting as having something to do with the political donations case,+IB0 he told the New China News Agency. +IBw-These stories deliberately distorted the facts.+IB0 Wang said he visited the United States to meet with Lehman Brothers and acquaint himself with the U.S. bond market. He also was reported to have met with then-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. (Before Clinton had Ron Brown murdered with a .45 caliber slug in the back of his head with a staged plane crash on a phony trade mission to war-torn Croatia+ACE) +ADw-/H4+AD4APA-/H4+AD4 +ADw-/H4+AD4APA-/H4+AD4 +ADw-/span+AD4APA-/strong+AD4APA-/span+AD4APA-/span+AD4APA-/p+AD4APA-strong+AD4 +ADw-a data-flickr-embed+AD0AIg-true+ACI href+AD0AIg-https://www.flickr.com/photos/148717556+AEA-N06/35940977031/in/dateposted-public/+ACI title+AD0AIg-obama+AF8-party+AF8-1200+ACIAPgA8-img src+AD0AIg-https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4327/35940977031+AF8-627ec0555a.jpg+ACI width+AD0AIg-500+ACI height+AD0AIg-297+ACI alt+AD0AIg-obama+AF8-party+AF8-1200+ACIAPgA8-/a+AD4APA-script async src+AD0AIg-//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js+ACI charset+AD0AIg-utf-8+ACIAPgA8-/script+AD4-